Republicans are accused of giving captain tours to rioters

“The members of Congress whose groups arrived through the Capitol, which I saw on January 5, were reconnaissance the next day, the members of Congress who incited this violent crowd,” Ms. Sherrill said, “the members who tried. to help our President undermine our democracy, I will see them held accountable.

Ms. Sherrill did not answer further questions.

MP Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat, said lawmakers were aware of the tours, but are now looking at them in a new light because of the attack. He said he contained a “handful” of people and the authorities knew about them. “Now he looks back at certain things and looks at them differently, so, yes, we look after them,” he said.

Mr. Crow said he knew the tours but was uncertain about their nature.

There is pressure on Republican members of Congress to associate with far-right extremist groups in the days leading up to the mass attack. Trump’s most ardent supporters, including Al Brooch representative Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, were accused in Arizona of helping plan the January 6 demonstration that led to the violent attack on the Capitol.

A photo was also misleadingly circulated on the internet on Wednesday, which allegedly also invited Colorado Lauren Boebert to such a tour, but has been in Colorado since 2019.

Mr Crow said he found the photo of concern because others flashed “symbols of a white power gang” inside.

“I’m very worried about the possible complicity of the members,” Mr. Crow said. “Of course, there are plenty of examples of incitement for which members of Congress are responsible. I think we need to do an investigation to determine what exactly happened.

Representative Steny H. Hoyer, the majority leader in Maryland, ruled out the possibility of immediate discipline for lawmakers until prosecution proceedings against President Trump are completed.

“There will be time to deal with this,” Mr Hoyer said of far-right Republicans in Congress. – We’re dealing with the president right now.