Republicans are calling for the resignation of the Wisconsin election president

MADISON, WIS. (AP) – Republicans on Tuesday called for the resignation of the Democratic chairman of the Wisconsin Electoral Commission, expressing anger that he had finalized the state’s presidential election results that Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump.

Republican Commissioner Dean Knudson, former state legislator Ann Jacobs, called his election-closing speech on Monday a “little dog and pony show” in violation of the law.

“This is obviously long-term democratic planning, solely to ruin the Trump campaign,” Republican Commissioner Bob Spindell said.

Jacobs defended his action, saying he would abide by the law and precedent. Democrat Commissioner Mark Thomsen says Jacobs ’actions are no different from what he did in 2016, when he was president and Trump won the state.

“There’s nothing this committee or the president would have done illegally,” Thomsen said.

The controversy began shortly after Trump filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin election results and seeks to exclude more than 221,000 ballot papers in liberal Dane and Milwaukee counties, but nowhere else.

Wisconsin law requires that the presidency change between a Democrat and a Republican every two years. He also says the president “publicly examines the statements and carries out his certifications and findings”.

Jacobs signed the canvas on Monday after Dane and Milwaukee County completed the recount that Trump paid. By signing the canvas showing Biden as the winner, the certificate began to be sent to Democratic Governor Tony Evers, who awarded Biden 10 of the state’s electoral college votes. Evers signed it within minutes of receipt.

Completion of this process triggered a five-day hour under state law in which Trump could file a lawsuit against the election results. He filed the lawsuit in less than 24 hours.

Election committee Republicans on Tuesday accused Jacobs of wrongdoing, saying he should have finalized the results only after playing Trump’s trial. Republicans also wanted a discussion and a chance to discuss the process before finalizing the election results.

Republican commissioners have not commented on the merits of Trump’s lawsuit, nor have they claimed that there are any irregularities that justify withholding proof of vote.

Knudson pointed to the section of the law that states that for the presidential election, “the committee prepares a certificate showing the determination of the results on canvas,” which it then sends to the governor.

“We are on commission,” Knudson said. – I haven’t seen what you did yesterday. In that, he broke the law, and it was a pretty clear violation. … The committee did nothing to sign the governor. “

Knudson asked Jacobs to resign, saying Republicans had lost confidence in him.

“If he wanted to create distrust on one side … he did,” Knudson said.

Jacobs refused to step down.

Knudson asked the committee not to take further steps to verify the election results, but this failed along the lines of 3 to 3 votes.


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