Republicans are warned by the developments in Georgia

Frank Luntz, a GOP pollster and strategist, told CNBC on Wednesday that the Democratic Party’s strong action in Georgia’s Senate proceedings is sending a clear warning to Republicans.

“Georgia hasn’t had two Democratic senators for decades, but they seem to have been elected because of their frustration with the events in Washington. It’s a lesson for the Republican Party about what to expect if they continue to behave this way,” Luntz said of the ” Squawk Box “.

NBC News predicts Raphael Warnock will defeat Republican Senate Kelly Loeffler in Tuesday’s outbound election. NBC News said the other race is too close to the call as Democrat Jon Ossoff narrowly leads David Perdue with 98% of the vote. Perdue’s senate term expired on Sunday.

If both Democrats win, the party would rule the U.S. Senate with a 50-50 split because the election vice president, Kamala Harris, would be the tie voter. Democrats already have a majority in the House and will soon occupy the White House after taking the oath of office on January 20 for President-elect Joe Biden.

Luntz, who predicted democratic victories in Georgia, praised former candidate for governor Stacey Abrams and the Democratic Party for the state’s “very impressive” organization. In addition, Luntz said President Donald Trump, who refused to let Biden down after his defeat in November, deserved the GOP’s performance in Senate proceedings.

“You have to hold Donald Trump accountable. Look, he showed up at that last meeting and spoke half the time about his own race two months ago,” Luntz said, referring to Trump’s Monday night meeting in Georgia, during which the outgoing president vowed to continue arguing. presidential election results and repeated false allegations of widespread voter fraud.

“Someday, the American people need to look straight into the eyes and acknowledge reality,” Luntz said. The pollster claimed that if this had been done before the Georgian Senate ran, it would have helped the GOP. Instead, it led to a rift between the party, with some members of Congress supporting Trump’s election campaign and others trying to distance themselves from it.

The division among Republicans is likely to appear in a full show on Wednesday when Congress meets to verify the results of the Electoral College, which show Biden’s victory. Many Republicans plan to object to election voting in key states, even when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, has strongly urged this.

“As a pollster, researcher, and communications specialist, I know how much damage the Republican Party brand is doing,” Luntz said. “I think tomorrow the GOP will be in a much worse position across the country than it is today.”

Luntz said in general that Washington elected officials need to take from the November election results – and the strong democratic demonstration in Georgia – that voters want less party support and more legislative action. For example, he noted that despite Trump losing Biden, Republicans did take a seat in the House.

“The public has spoken: work together. Get things done. Don’t be so political and start putting people in politics,” Luntz said. “The American people don’t want the Electoral College thrown out. The American people believe that Joe Biden won the election. The American people want to move on. The American people are fighting. They are nervous about Covid-19 … progress “, he added.