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Republicans reject Trump's role in hush-money payments

The GOP leaders and key committee chairmen make it clear that they believe there is no reason to investigate whether the President broke the law to participate in a program that conceals the payments to the two women, keep their stories quiet until the elections.

Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Neighboring Security and Government Committee, and Hillary Clinton's e-mail discussion at the last congress, says he will wait until Robert Mueller's special adviser first finishes the investigation.

They were told that the US law firm in the Southern District of New York was conducting a financial investigation, Johnson said: "We allow the justice system to work.

Adam Schiff House Intelligence, President, added several new committees on Tuesday, including Daniel Goldman as Senior Consultant and Research Director. Hiring is remarkable because Goldman worked in the New York Southern District in 2010-2017, which was charged by Cohen for hush-money payments, where Goldman was deputy head of the unit of organized crime.

More than 80 names are sent to the House Judiciary Committee during the investigation

Republicans say that the Democrats are overcoming and setting the sacrifice.

"I think the Democrats are now worried about the hysteria of the alleged collusion that they are worried that the Mueller report will basically do nothing against the president," said John Cornyn, a member of the Senate Judicial Panel. Advisor to the Commission and the GOP. "That's why I think they have a full frontal attack, which I said was the forerunner of the crime and will make sure we don't do anything."

John Kennedy, Republican Louisiana Republican Justice Commissioner, said that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said the president would repay his term of office and would not be in his fifth most important issue because Mueller and the New York federal prosecutors are already testing make.

"I think there are some house members who have chosen to start the election early and do everything to break the president," Kennedy said. "I'm not saying Republicans wouldn't do if the shoes are on the other leg – this is part of the problem."

In Monday's statement, the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, exploded a new house investigation as "a laborious and abusive investigation into the tired, false allegations that special councilors and committees have already been investigating in both congressional chambers."

According to the White House and congressional officials, Trump met on Tuesday with the highest Republicans in the House and Senate Judicial Committees. Trump met with the Senate Judge, Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, and Doug Collins, Georgia, to discuss border security and immigration.

The meeting came one day before the US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Graham testified before the Committee on Trafficking in Human Beings at the Border. But the day came when House Judiciary Democrats announced that Trump administration and Trump companies are doing a lot of research. The officials did not say whether the trial was discussed at the meeting.

Trump considered the Democratic probes later on Tuesday, saying to reporters: "The witch hunt continues" and added "basically" the Democrats "started the campaign".

Trump seemed to suggest that his predecessor had not complied with the Obama administration congressional examinations.

– President Obama, what he said to me, was a similar thing. They didn't give a letter. They didn't do anything. They didn't give a letter from the requests. No letters were given.

House Democrats quickly accelerate all of Trump's world, from business to administration. Last week after Cohen's blocking testimony – where Trump was paid in 2017 as a partial reimbursement to the October 2016 Stormy Daniels Trial Committee – three house committees said they wanted documents and testimonies from Trump Organization's Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg.

Weisselberg was one of the 81 people and organizations who received a letter from Jerry Nadler's policy chairman on Monday and asked for a number of questions indicating potential corruption, impediment to justice and abuse of power.

In 2016, a Senate Committee will continue the possible collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia: the Senate Intelligence Committee, which will two years in Russia's 2016 election disorder investigation. The panel interviewed Cohen behind the closed doors last week, before the public, but lawmakers say the president's role in hush-money payments is outside the committee's trial area.

In 2017, the Senate Judge Committee led by the GOP launched an investigation into the circumstances of the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, where Donald Trump Jr. was promised to be "contaminated" with the Russian lawyer Clinton's campaign. This trial collapsed in the midst of last year's infection with Democratic and Republican witnesses, and the Democrats demanded Trump Jr. and others for public testimony.

"It is the responsibility of the Senate Judicial Committee to be more aggressive in conducting the investigation, which was unfortunately short-circuited," said Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, who is sitting on the panel. "We have to bring back Donald Trump Jr. and anyone else who knows these sums of money."

Chuck Grassley, a Republican Senate, senior member of the Senate Judicial Body, who was President of the last Congress, would not say that he was concerned about Trump's involvement in the hush-money system.

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"You always ask me what I haven't studied," Grassley said on Tuesday. – So I can't say.

An Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst also suggested that he would not be fully aware of the money if he asked the committee to investigate the scandal.

"Probably sometime – I don't know enough about it," Ernst said.

For spouses, Republicans know little in the minority to stop their Democratic counterparts. Instead, they criticize their Democratic colleagues aloud to try to break the president through their investigations. Trump also often cheated them on Twitter as "presidential harassment".

After listening to Cohen's credibility last week, the Republicans were restraining the importance of hush-money claims.

"I think this is the news we knew," said Jim Jordan, chief Republican at the House Control Panel, after the trial.

Kevin McCarthy House's minority leader accused Nadler, whose committee led the investigation procedure to reject Trump "the day the president won the election."

McCarthy asked if the president was worried about managing the sums of money, so he blamed Cohen.

"You know what worries me? If you hire a lawyer – if I hire a lawyer to make sure I'm doing the law, it's the lawyer's responsibility to tell me what's right and wrong in the process," said ABC News. "If this is a financial campaign, they are fines. They can't be interpreted in the process."

Some of the president's allies are reluctant to take part in the debate.

On Tuesday they were asked if they were worried about Trump's pay for women and allegedly violated the law, Ted Cruz, Texas, ignored the question and walked around.

CNN Kaitlan Collins, Maegan Vazquez and Allie Malloy contributed to this report.

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