Republicans sell democracy to appease Trump’s losing anger

Trump Grace of Turkey 2019
President Donald Trump will grant presidential “grace” to Turkey’s national Thanksgiving butter in the White House Rose Garden on November 26, 2019, in Washington DC. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
  • The stupidest part of the coups is almost over, no thanks to the Republicans who stood idle while Trump attacked the democratic process and left the nation’s COVID response out of government.

  • Now that it’s all over, but the shouting Republicans are slowly leaking out and letting Bidenet in as president. But it’s too late, the damage is there.

  • We would not have asked much to expect the leadership of one of the country’s two viable political parties to condemn the President’s legal team for inconsistent fears of electoral fraud.

  • Republicans around the world had to stand up all the time, and at least for them, they weren’t part of a coup attempt (though it was pathetic). And they mostly failed.

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The dumbest thing about the coups is almost over, no thanks to the Republicans.

When Emily Murphy issued a announcement that the General Services Directorate would begin the formal devolution process with elected president Joe Bidendel, he officially ended Trump’s factual challenge to the election defeat.

This challenge, led by melting Rudy Giuliani and the involvement of Sidney Powell, who supports QAnon and embarrassed Trump (I repeat, Trump!) Because he is too prone to ridiculous conspiracy theories, has spectacularly failed once he “deals with reality,” the process has become a requirement. .

Although some formalities remain – official confirmation of election results, Electoral College meeting – Biden is now receiving presidential-level security briefings and his interim team can work with government machinery. And that’s good because there’s still an epidemic going on that kills more than a quarter of a million Americans before winter arrives. The same epidemic that Trump insisted on was just the flu and will go away magically over the summer.

And since Trump has actually been AWOL for three weeks since Election Day, the country’s COVID response may mean some sort of control.

But it also means Trump’s anti-democratic specialty – the wild press conferences, the “micropenis“tweets from advisers, vicious innuendos that endanger the safety of innocent pollsters – all evaporated after the president’s lawyers had to back up their words in court. Trump’s legal team, in the words of loyal Trumpist Governor Chris Christie,” national embarrassed. has become.

And while it’s all over, just shouting (and since Trump is, there will still be shouting), Republicans are slowly pouring out and letting Biden be elected president.

But it’s too late, the damage is there.

Republicans could have stood up for democracy when it mattered, but they didn’t

After playing on his feet for weeks with Trump’s authoritarian teeth gritting, the GOP rush to recognize the legitimacy of Biden’s victory began working with Bidend shortly after the GSA’s announcement.

Within minutes, Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, Louisiana tweeted: “President Trump ‘s legal team has not provided evidence of the massive fraud that should have been present to overthrow the election, adding:” The transition must begin in the interests of the country. “

Cassidy joined the eight GOP senators who publicly recognized Bident as the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election before the GSA was announced.

Cassidy’s turn deserves an emphatic twist, less than a week later, as she absurdly compared Trump to Al Gore’s challenge in the 2000 election with the 2000 election. Needless to say, the situation in 2000 was significantly different and was a significantly legitimate legal challenge.

Like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s fact that Trump is “100% in the right” to exhaust all the legal challenges of his election defeat, Cassidy has made Trump’s placement a higher priority than the country’s health and stability.

Of course, Trump had it all right to challenge the election in court. But it was not legitimate OK and these Republicans knew.

Instead of standing up and not expecting a very thorough (and not particularly brave) demonstration of “the country over the party,” most Republican legislators failed. But now that the GSA has determined that this is over and Trump will soon be ex-president, they will join Cassidy as a late arranger, saying it’s time to move on to the next administration. Their words are meaningless now.

Republicans around the world have had to stand up all the time, and at least they were seen as not part of a coup attempt. And they mostly failed.

And make no mistake, it was a coup attempt.

The fact that the tanks did not climb the stairs of the Capitol does not mean that it did not violate American democracy. Trump tried to thwart the will of the people, obeying grotesque, meaningless conspiracy theories that the long-deceased Hugo Chavez would work with Clintons and China to equip voting machines. Seriously.

Despite not providing any evidence, not even in court, to substantiate his allegations, Trump convinced millions of his followers that the election was stolen. He salted the land because he believed in the legitimacy of the vote. It has destroyed a “norm” that is especially important for a functioning democracy – that is, legitimate election results must be respected and the transfer of power must be routine.

Because Trump can’t accept being a “total loser,” in his own language, he unconsciously attacked democracy. This is not the kind of damage that will go away in four years.

Trump’s most enduring legacy may mean the Internet troll as a political force in general. We’ll be forced to analyze 4Chan’s conspiracy theories, which filter through various YouTube channels and Fox News, before getting into Trumpworld’s social media feeds for a long time.

We would not have asked much to expect the leadership of one of the country’s two viable political parties to condemn the inconsistent fever dreams of the president’s legal team about voter fraud.

It was then that the seemingly principled GOP, which existed independently of Trump, had to stand up and count. This wing of the Republican Party, if it exists at all, was pathetically small.

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