Riverdale Police Search Clarence Hebron for Amber Alert Double Murder Child Abduction

RIVERDALE, Illinois (WLS) – Police continue to search for a suspect on Saturday in a double murder and child abduction that took place on a Friday afternoon in the southern suburbs of Riverdale.

The child is safe, but police are still looking for a suspect.

Family members identified the victims as siblings, Damien and Jessica Beal, and said the siblings were shot and killed in a home on block 14000 South Tracy Avenue in Riverdale.

“He had a whole son. On the same day, a mother and uncle were lost,” said the victims’ cousin, Tina Williams.

After learning the devastating news of their deaths, the family learned that Jessica was pregnant with her second child.

After discovering their bodies, they issued an Amber Alert to Jessica’s 1-year-old son. The alarm was quickly cleared after the Illinois State Police announced that the boy had been handed over to police.

Clarence Hebron, 32, a suspect in the original Amber Alert, is still on the run.

According to Beal’s family, Hebron was the boy’s father and Jessica’s friend.

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“I really hope they catch him,” said Ruby Bolden, the other cousin of the victims.

Riverdale police have not provided information on the circumstances leading to the killings, but the family is awaiting answers.

“Anyone who knew Jessica loved Jessica. She was the party’s life,” Ebony Williams said.

“Damien was a beautiful man. He was like the man you called him (and) he was there,” Bolden added. “And since I was the eldest cousin and had six children, he was always in my house with my sons.

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