Rock Hill, South Carolina shooting: Dr. Robert Lesslie and two grandchildren among 5 murdered in York County massacres – authorities say

Among the victims of Wednesday night’s shooting near Rock Hill was a doctor, his wife and two grandchildren, reported by the York County Sheriff’s Office a tweet. The family was “very prominent and very well known” in the county, said Trent Faris, a spokesman for York County sheriff.

Police were called to the scene after the shooting at 4:45 p.m.

“Both Dr. Robert Lesslie and his wife, Barbara Lesslie, were found at home and died from gunshot wounds, as well as their 2 grandchildren. James Lewis, who worked at the home of Gastonia, died from gunshot wounds.” the sheriff’s office said.

At a news conference after the shooting, Faris said he had lived in the area all his life and that “Dr. Lesslie was my doctor who grew up.”

“Dr. Lesslie was one of the people everyone knows. He started the Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill and has been in Rock Hill for years.

In addition to the five people killed, another man was transported to the hospital with “severe gunshot wounds,” Faris said, classifying the case as a mass shooting.

“It’s a very tragic, tragic situation, and the family is asking them to respect their privacy at this time,” Faris said.

As for the suspect, Faris said, “We’ve found the person we think is responsible and we’re with them right now.”

“That’s all I can say about this suspect,” the spokesman added.

Asked if the suspect was a neighbor, Faris said, “He lives on the same road.”

THE beep from the sheriff’s office, authorities say the suspect was found “in a nearby house.”

“There is no active threat to the community,” the sheriff’s office said. “Investigators are still in the area to serve the search command and investigate the tragic event.”