Rocky, the tiny owl who was rescued from the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, flies

A tiny owl found in the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center flew on Tuesday after being treated in a wild rehabilitation facility for several days.

The Ravensbeard Wildlife Center said Tuesday that Rocky, short for Rockefeller, has been allowed to take off at dusk by avian veterinarians and owl experts.

– Rocky’s release was a success! said the center in its Facebook post on Tuesday. “It’s a tough little bird and we’re glad we can find it back in its natural habitat.”

“We are confident that Rocky will feel his love and support on his journey south,” the post continued.

Dozens of people have expressed gratitude on social media for their speedy recovery and safe release.

On Tuesday, a Facebook user said, “I’m a little disconnected from that, in a good way! Happy life, Rocky.

The adult sawtooth owl was rescued last week after escorting a 75-meter-old Norwegian spruce from Oneonta on Newonta State to a 170-mile journey in New York City.

When the owl was found, he had not eaten or drunk for days, but had recovered from fluid and food. A worker who helped transport and secure the tree discovered the owl and his wife, called the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center.

The center said the return trip to Oneonta would probably be too traumatic for the bird, so it planned to let go of the facility on the outskirts of Saugerties.

Tim Stelloh consented.