Rodgers thrives, Trubisky fights while the Packers beat the Bears

One of the most striking stripes in the NFL is that the Chicago Bears have not been the first team’s All-Pro quarterback since the 1950s Johnny Lujack. Lujack threw four touchdowns with 21 throws that season. The game was a little different back then.

In seven decades, he’s likely to stumble upon a quarterback who spent a season as the best in the NFL. Not the Bears. They turned back to Mitchell Trubisky on Sunday night. The bear fans, who advocated Trubisky instead of Nick Troles, were quickly reminded of why Trubisky was set up first.

Trubisky threw a bad pass into a deep pass and lost the fumble returned for a touchdown in a brutal first half. The Bears lagged behind 27-3 and lost 41-25. The Packers 8-3. The Bears, which started 5-1 this season, fell to 5-6.

The Bears spent much of their long lives searching for a quarterback. It’s especially cruel when the Packers play for the 29th consecutive season between Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers will destroy the Bears again

Rodgers had three touchdowns in the first half. Despite years of poor defensive play, the well-played Bears defense had no chance against Rodgers. This has often been said since Rodgers became Green Bay defender.

Rodgers seems to be saving everything for Chicago. Rodgers scored 211 yards, folded four touchdowns and were not intercepted. Had the Bears been more competitive, Rodgers could have stood up in greater numbers. Rodgers played 24 regular-season games, corresponding to 1.5 seasons, against the Bears. He has 5,773 yards, 51 touchdowns and 10 interceptions against Chicago. In the games, Rodgers started against the Bears, the Packers 19-5.

In one of the matches of the first half, Rodgers jumped in his pocket and carried on all his advances until he saw Allen Lazard open in the end zone. Rodgers threw Lazard a pass from an embarrassing angle that highlighted that the Bears hadn’t seen much in the last seven decades.

A player doesn’t win or lose football matches, not even a star defender. But it’s fair to see if the tables turn around in the rivalry if the Bears are lucky enough to call the Hall of Fame quarterback one day.

Chicago Bears player Mitchell Trubisky will play the ball against the Packers in the first half.  (AP photo / Morry Gash)
Chicago Bears player Mitchell Trubisky will play the ball against the Packers in the first half. (AP photo / Morry Gash)

Bears have a lot of questions

The Bears hoped to get an answer when they took Trubisky to second place in 2017. They famously passed Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes to get Trubisky, who started 13 games in North Carolina. In fact, in 2018, it was fair. Then in 2019, the wheels dropped, and that continued until 2020. He came back from a shoulder injury on Sunday, and despite NBC’s broadcast trying to push the narrative that his second chance would be better – we heard about what a great practice week he was and how focused he was on getting the most out of it – it was the same Trubisky.

Trubisky’s first capture helped put the Bears in a big hole. The Bears called for a deep pass, and Trubisky insisted on it, despite the fact that security Darnell Savage waited deeply and got an easy capture in the end zone. The Bears sank, then Trubisky fired and lost the fumble that the Packers returned to a touchdown and a 27-3 lead. Back then, a lot of viewers had to wonder what was still on TV. What they missed was that Trubisky cast another inexplicable right of arrest on Savage in the third quarter. Rodgers followed this with a fourth touchdown pass of the night.

Trubisky is not the answer. Foles, who was out with a hip injury, is not the answer. Big Bears coach Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace can’t last long either.

Finding out the position of the quarterback will be a top priority in the next offseason. At least that’s the usual position for Bears.

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