Roger Stone says North Korean ships carried ballots through Maine Harbor while Trump increases fraud claims

Former adviser Roger Stone Trump on Wednesday claimed North Korea had interfered in the US presidential election. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump continued to claim that the November election was characterized by fraudulent activity.

Stone, who previously spoke of his respect for some members of QAnon’s conspiracy theory, was sentenced to 40 months in prison for lying to investigators in connection with the Mueller case over Russian election interference in Trump’s 2016 campaign. Trump eased Stone’s sentence in July.

As the Electoral College is expected to meet on Dec. 14, Trump has stepped up his allegations against widespread electoral fraud. The Democratic-elected president of Joe Biden, despite Trump’s protests, has been widely predicted to be the winner of the election. During an interview titled The Alex Jones Show, Stone said he received further evidence of election fraud.

“I have just learned of absolutely incontrovertible evidence that North Korean vessels cast votes in a state of Maine through a port in Maine.” “If it could be verified, if law enforcement were to look into it and it turned out to be true, it would prove foreign turnout in the election.”

Newsweek Maine Corporations, Election and Commission Office.

Stone told Jones that he prayed daily for Trump to “get stronger” against the “epicorrupt corrupt deep state,” which has no problem with cybernetic manipulation of the American people’s votes.

Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, said on Wednesday he knew of “indisputable evidence” of election fraud.
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In a July interview, Stone praised some members of the QAnon movement as “great patriots.” Many of the theories advocated by QAnon supporters revolve around Trump, who is waging a secret fight against Democrats, members of the business community, and individuals in the entertainment industry. The theory is that these individuals are involved in pedophilia, human trafficking, and satanic worship.

While Trump refused to distance himself from the QAnon movement, his claims that Democrats conspired to win the election continued. On Wednesday, Trump posted a 46-minute video on his Twitter feed detailing his allegations of election fraud.

“Democrats have cheated on these elections from the start,” Trump said, citing voter manipulation, incorrect postal votes and inadequate signature checks.

Trump claimed that many postal items that distorted the Democrat were illegally counted. Allegedly, these ballots helped boost the election in Biden’s favor. “If we’re right about fraud,” Trump said, “Joe Biden can’t be president. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of votes.”

Trump’s legal team has filed a lawsuit in some battlefield states against the election process. However, many of the lawsuits were dismissed by the judges.

“What a disaster it was for these elections,” Trump said. “It’s a complete disaster, but we’ll show it, and hopefully the courts – especially the U.S. Supreme Court – will see it and respectfully, hopefully do what’s right for our country.”

According to the Associated Press, Biden is projected to win the election with 51.3 per cent of the referendum and 47 per cent of Trump. Biden received 306 voter votes, more than the 270 voters officially declared president. Although some lawsuits are still pending on Trump’s behalf, states must verify their election results by December 8 before the Electoral College will meet on December 14.