Romney threatens Republicans by protesting the election college vote

  • Senator Mitt Romney of Utah said it would be “madness” for Republicans to protest with an election college vote vying for President Joe Biden’s victory.
  • “Trying to get voters not to do what people voted for is crazy,” Romney told NBC News.
  • Since the election, President Donald Trump’s campaign and some Allied Republicans have filed lawsuits in several states to destroy the results.
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Senator Mitt Romney of Utah has rushed among Republicans who are threatening to protest the election college’s vote.

“It’s crazy. We have a process, the recount is right, going to court is right and we have to follow every legal path, but it’s crazy to try to persuade voters not to do what people voted for.” NBC News he quoted Romney like saying.

A representative of Romney confirmed his statement to Business Insider.

President Donald Trump’s campaign and some Allied Republicans have filed lawsuits in several states to overthrow the 2020 election results. President Joe Biden’s victory became clear days after election day, but Trump has yet to accept it.

“It would say,‘ Look, let’s not follow people’s votes, we’d rather do what we want, that’s not how a democratic republic should work, ’Romney said.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected a request from MP Mike Kelly and the Pennsylvania State Legislature to ban state certification of his election results.

Tuesday is the “safe harbor” deadline, which means that while states do not have to prove their results until then, if they do, those results are final and must be approved by Congress. December 14 is the date on which the Electoral College will meet to officially certify Biden’s victory.

After voters in each state meet to verify their results, they send proof of their vote to their state’s chief election official, the National Archives, and the current president of the Senate, Business Insider Grace Panetta reported.

On January 6, Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to chair a joint congressional session to finalize the vote. If no member objects in writing to the results, the results shall be formally certified.

Some members of the House of Representatives, aligned with Trump, said they would challenge the election votes of some states during the joint session. Both a member of the House and a member of the Senate must vote to attack voters in the state, and if that happens, both the House and the Senate should consider accepting the voters.