Rudy’s false fraud hearing in Gettysburg presents Trump’s shadow government

After appearing next to his printing shop next door and Sidney Powell on a raging conspiracy, Rudy Giuliani made a more dressed attempt to question the election results at a Wednesday trial in Gennsburg, Pennsylvania.

Even before the President of the United States decided to make a phone call, it was a shadow government – an alternative government’s phase for an alternative reality – that badly promises what will happen in the next few years.

If he failed, the meeting of Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania was billed as a “hearing,” though this description is a bit misleading. There were no Democrats (I didn’t see them anyway). But there was a trap in it. It looked like the part. And indeed, the most remarkable was how normal he seemed. On the daisy sat several state senators and deputies who were basically outside the central casting. If he spent some of his time around Republican politics, before Trump, these were basically standard edition t-shirts, meaning there were no visible tinfoil caps, just badly matched suits and red ties.