Russia is threatening the American warship John S. McCain in a standout in the Sea of ​​Japan

A Russian warship and an American destroyer had a rare stop in the Sea of ​​Japan early Tuesday morning. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Admiral Vinogradov – a Russian destroyer – caught U.S. Navy U.S. S. John McCain, who was illegally sailing in Russian territorial waters, threatening to ram him to force him to leave the area. According to the ministry, the American ship immediately returned to neutral waters. The incident took place in Peter the Great Bay, off the coast of the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok. THE statement, according to the U.S. Pacific Fleet, its operation was not illegal, saying that “by attacking Russia’s excessive maritime needs,” it maintained the rights, freedoms, and lawful use of the sea recognized by international law. “In 2017, McCain, named after the late U.S. senator, father and grandfather, collided with an oil tanker in the Straits of Malacca and killed 10 U.S. sailors in an accident attributed by the National Transportation Safety Board to inadequate training and operational inspections.

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