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Russia suspends participation in the Cold War INF Treaty

RPresident Vladimir Putin signed on Monday the Russian participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces contract.

President Trump began a six-month withdrawal from the Pact last month. The purpose of the 1987 contract is to reduce the tensions of the Cold War by eliminating the development, production and deployment of ground-based rockets of 500-5,500 kilometers.

The United States accused Russia of declaring "impunity" to "impunity" the "secret development and dissemination" of rocket systems, according to a statement by the White House.

However, Russia denies having violated the treaty, rather than being violated by the United States.

The obvious collapse of the agreement alarmed some. Last month Putin ordered the deployment of new land-based intermediate rocket systems in the Asian part of Russia.

The United States saw the pact as a barrier to China's medium-term missile response. China is not a member of the INF Treaty.

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, urged compliance with the treaty, saying to Radio Free Europe that "for decades it has been the cornerstone of European security".

The Monday's move will take place on the same day as the chairman of the General Commander of the General Joseph F. Dunford met with the Head of Russian Mayor Valery Gerasimov in Austria.

According to the release of the Joint Managing Director, the two men "discussed efforts to improve operational security and strategic stability between the US and Russian armies".

"Both leaders recognize the importance of maintaining regular communication in order to avoid erroneous calculations and promoting transparency and deconfection in areas where our soldiers are close," he added.

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