“Salary Status Unavailable”: The IRS says some do not automatically receive a second incentive check

RALEIGH (WTVD) – Frustration persists when it comes to the second round of stimulus money.

If you have checked the status of the incentive payment with the IRS Get My Payment tool and the message says “Payment Status – 2- Unavailable”, the IRS will say that you will not receive a second economic impact payment and will need to request a Refund. refund on the 2020 tax return.

This upsets many ABC11 viewers. One viewer said there was no problem obtaining the first incentive check by direct payment and did not understand why the second payment was not issued this way, noting that nothing had changed with their account details. They are in great need of this incentive money, and waiting for the money to be filed after the tax return only adds to their financial difficulties.

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The IRS originally said that those who filed the 2019 tax return and provided direct deposit information, or those who successfully registered for the first payment to IRS.gov, will receive automatic payments. But preparing for the tax season may have influenced this effort.

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“The IRS is working hard to complete the second economic impact payment quickly, in compliance with the law, while continuing to prepare for the 2021 tax season. Due to the compressed schedule, the IRS is unable to resend and issue postal checks, instead encouraging people to electronically. submit their 2020 tax return so that they can apply for and receive a recovery refund loan as quickly as possible, ”reads the IRS website.


Another problem with recent incentive payments is that the IRS has placed the money in bank accounts other than the first incentive payment. We first reported on this issue, which had an impact on H&R Block’s customers. Customers reported that while their first incentive payment went directly to their bank account, many found that their second payment went to an account that did not belong to them. H&R Block said they are working to get to customers as quickly as possible. This problem has also occurred with other consumers who have used the tax preparation service.
This is the last time the IRS issued its statement on Tuesday night that, because of the speed of the law, it required the IRS to issue a second round of economic impact payments, some payments may have been sent to an account that is closed or no longer active or unknown. By law, the financial institution must repay the payment to the IRS; they may not hold or issue payment to an individual if the account is no longer active.

The IRS advises people that if they don’t receive their economic impact payment, they file their 2020 tax return electronically and claim a refund during their tax return so that they can get their payment and any refund as soon as possible.

For those waiting for the stimulus payment to arrive in the mail, it can take up to three to four weeks, according to the IRS. Also, check your letter carefully, as in addition to checks, payment may come with a debit card. In the first round of incentives, many consumers accidentally discarded these debit cards.


The IRS says the answer is no.

They add: “The IRS is working hard to make the second economic impact payment fast, in compliance with the law, while still preparing for the tax return season of 2021. Due to the compressed schedule, the IRS is unable to reissue and mail checks, instead encouraging people to do so. to file their 2020 tax return electronically so that they can claim and receive a refund as soon as possible. ”

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