San Jose Mayor apologizes for Thanksgiving family dinner and vows to “do better”

Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose, California, apologized Tuesday for spending an obvious gratitude with his family for violating state crown virus rules, saying he would “do better”.

The NBC Bay District first reported the news of Liccardo’s Thanksgiving visit at his parental home in Saratoga – about 15 miles southwest of San Jose.

Liccardo’s press team told the station that the mayor stayed home on Thanksgiving, but later said a spokesman “malfunctioned” and that he spent the holiday with the mayor’s parents.

Mayor of San Jose, California, Sam Liccardo

Liccardo said this information was “inaccurate and asked his press team to correct the record,“ clarifying that I am in my parents ’home”.

In a separate statement, Liccardo said a family member from five households attended eight but sat around the back terrace around three secluded tables and wore a mask when not eating. He added that many other family members who would have joined them at Thanksgiving in the past “stayed home with caution.”

San Jose fell under California’s “Purple Tier” before Thanksgiving, which means there are more than seven cases in the county for 100,000 people – that is, in excess of the 8% positivity rate – and for residents and business owners. the most stringent blocking measures of the State.


In a Nov. 25 tweet, Liccardo said cases are rampant because people let down their “guards” and don’t wear a mask next to “family and friends”.

Liccardo said he apologized for the decision to gather “contrary to state rules, with my family attending this Thanksgiving.

“I understand my commitment as a civil servant to lead by example in public health regulations and, of course, not to ignore them. I commit myself to performing better. “


Liccardo is the latest among many civil servants who came under fire because they apparently violated the restrictions associated with COVID-19. Most notably, California Governor Gavin Newsom provoked an accusation of hypocrisy earlier this month for attending a birthday party at an upscale French restaurant with an obvious opposition to his own regulations.

Fox News Audrey Conklin and the Associated Press contributed to this report.