Santa Clara County will issue new COVID-19 restrictions on the corner of San Francisco

Santa Clara County has issued new COVID-19 restrictions due to an increasing number of cases, including a temporary ban on all high school, collegiate and professional contact sports, mandatory quarantine for those traveling more than 150 miles to the region, and new capacity restrictions for indoor businesses. for.

The new restrictions will see the worst COVID-19 ripple in California, and within a few hours will follow a similar rollback in San Francisco and San Mateo counties, which have been ranked the state’s most restrictive “purple” reopening level since Saturday.

New restrictions in Santa Clara County include a 14-day quarantine for anyone traveling more than 150 miles to and from the county, as well as a temporary ban on sports activities that involve contact with other people – including professional sports such as the San Francisco 49ers football team. Card rooms should be temporarily closed, while hotels and other facilities should be free only for basic travel, isolation or quarantine facilitation.

“I know none of us want to hear that, and none of us want that situation, but we’re here,” said Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody.

The capacity of shops should be limited to 10%, except for grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies, which can operate at 25% capacity. Healthcare workers – or patients – traveling to the county for care are exempt from quarantine.

The new directives will take effect on Monday at 12:01 and will run for at least three weeks until December 21, although they can be extended again.

It was not yet entirely clear how the new restrictions would affect the county’s vast network of high school, college and professional sports. The executive summary of the regulation “refers to all leisure activities that are in physical contact or in close proximity to persons outside the household, including all contact sports”, but does not specify whether a sport is exempt from the temporary ban.

“This means that these teams will not be able to play games or practice where they are in direct contact with each other,” said County Councilor James Williams, confirming that the 49s are on this list. He refused to comment on what “other entities” he was affected by.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco and San Mateo counties, indoor worship and movie theaters, indoor gyms, and indoor operations in museums, aquariums, and zoos should be closed from noon on Sunday. Retail should limit capacity to 25%, while restaurants can operate outdoors.

Meanwhile, a curfew will be introduced from Monday evening, which would prevent non-essential travel between 10pm and 5am

“We haven’t seen numbers like this in a long time and we really need to reverse this incredibly worrying trend,” San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy said in a statement announcing that the county is moving to the purple level. “It’s important to note that we can reverse the trend as long as we follow common sense health and safety practices.”

Fifty of the 58 counties — more than 90 percent of California’s population — are within the state’s purple reopening level. Los Angeles County issued its own stay order on Friday night.

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