Scott Atlas resigns as Trump’s coronavirus advisor

Senior medical experts have also fought the Atlas after the advent of the concept of “herd immunity” – the controversial theory that the United States can quickly and safely achieve widespread immunity to the coronavirus by allowing its unimpeded spread among healthy people.

Atlas, a fellow at Stanford University’s Conservative Hoover Institution, has been reported by the Stanford faculty on several occasions, and the school has sought to distance itself from its statements after underestimating the value of masks to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Atlas joined the administration as a special government employee, and his 130-day details run out this week – although some general economic interests stay for much longer, an administrative official at POLITICO remarked.

There is “nothing left to advise him on,” added a senior administrative official who met with Atlas. The arrival of Covid-19 vaccines means that the immunity of the herd is likely to come in the traditional way, the official said, with widespread vaccination rather than the approach advocated by Atlas.

Meanwhile, Trump’s interest in the “alternative reality” of the coronavirus epidemic has waned in recent days, the senior official said, with the president increasingly focused on debating the election results. “Both sides seemed to have reached the end of each other’s usefulness,” the senior official said.

Fox News first reported the departure of Atlas.