Seahawks player Jamal Adams set a record for most sacks won by the DB against the Jets in a single season

After a practically decided match after the first quarter, the Seattle Seahawks flew 40-3 next to the New York Jets on Sunday.

It was a complete win in all three stages, but a special shout is needed for Jamal Adams, who broke a 15-year one-season sack record for defending defenders in his first game against his old team.

“It’s a really cool feeling. When you get yourself into something, I told myself, and I told everyone last year when I failed to break the record with 6.5 bags, some thought I was crazy,” Adams said. “Some people believed in me, but all that mattered was that I believed in myself and knew I was breaking the record. Without my teammates, my coaches, nothing would have been possible.”

As Adams accidentally remarked, the safety of the Pro Bowl tweeted in Mayshortly before it was launched by the Jets two months later, it plans to surpass the eight bags logged by former Cardinal Commissioner Adrian Wilson in the 2005 season.

Adams ’moment, when 7.5 bags of his name arrived for week 14, finally, though not as thunderous as he would have liked, finally came early in the second quarter.

As Sam Darnold’s former teammate bounced off a collapsing pocket toward the left sideline, Adams attacked him and shook his hand when Darnold ran out of bounds. He was credited with the bag, usurping Wilson, as he had previously stated he would.

“All my thanks are due to the person above because I went through a lot of trade and injuries this year,” Adams continued. “There’s a lot of negative talk about me, but I have an outstanding team at the end of the day … everyone just supports me.

The Seattle landing appears to have been the best possible situation for the 25-year-old star after the Jets ’turbulent tenure. Pete Carroll, who openly supported Adams from Day 1, said after the game that DB he received a toy ball for his efforts, although the team rarely distributes these.

“What a fantastic football player. And he’s not done yet. He’ll get a few more tracks before the season ends,” Carroll said. for SeattlePI Ben Arthur.

Adams ’unique abilities make it likely that he will increase the bag total with the remaining three games. However, there is a good chance that none of these will exceed what you cut in New York.