Seattle City Council is cutting police budgets by nearly 17 percent

Seattle City Council has cut the city’s police budget by nearly 17 percent in the wake of this year’s protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

The city council on Monday voted to pass a 2021 spending plan that would require $ 340 million for the Seattle Police Department, compared to the $ 409 million planned for the agency this year, NBC News reported.

Under the budget, vacancies within the department will remain vacant, officers will reduce the number of overtime hours, and police will no longer monitor the dispatch of 911 dispatchers or the implementation of parking.

Mayor of Seattle Jenny DurkanJenny DurkanBiden vows to work with mayors The Police Accountability Committee has concluded that Seattle police have used excessive force in meeting with protesters against Seattle protesters in Seattle, New York. (D) praised the proposals and stated in a statement, “I believe we will lay the groundwork for a systemic and lasting change in policing.”

“We have rightly put forward a plan that seeks to ensure that the SPD has enough officers to meet 911 response and investigative needs throughout the city, while recognizing and addressing the proportional impact of policing on color communities, particularly black communities.” he added.

Durkan also mentioned that he supports the city in being selective when it comes to “what services we need from the Seattle police and how we can expand alternatives to policing.”

City officials did not respond immediately to The Hill’s comments.

Teresa Mosqueda, the city council’s budget manager, Teresa Mosqueda, said she took the Black Life Material movement into account when making budget changes.

“In the last 2 budget cycles, as president, I have undertaken 3 things in response to the Black Lives movement: 1) I have reduced the SPD budget, 2) I am investing in community alternatives that will bring healthy results for BIPOC in communities, and 3) the size of the force will not increase. Following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and thanks to Monday’s amendment, the budget no longer reflects the new net rents. We have a lot more work to do and now we have to work on the next steps, ”he said in a press release.

The Seattle Police Officers Association, a union that supports the Seattle Police Department, has warned that NBC News says citizens may be delayed in police response to emergencies due to austerity.

“It will take longer, if hardly, to see follow-up investigations into the secondary piece of the 911 emergency call,” Guild president Mike Sloan told the network.

The proposed 2021 budget will be signed by Durkan next week.