Seattle, Seahawks player Jamal Adams sets DB bags signal against New York Jets

SEATTLE – Jamal Adams has scored the most sacks in one NFL season with a defensive back.

The Seattle Seahawks All-Pro’s strong safety was credited with a bag in a game in which New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was wheeled for a one-yard defeat in the teams ’Sunday game in the second quarter. That gives Adams 8.5 this season.

Arizona Cardinals player Adrian Wilson wore 8.0 sacks in 2005, a record for most sacks earlier in the season, as the bags became official statistics in 1982, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information.

Wilson reached that amount in 16 games, while Adams led the top in his ninth game, missing four with a lumbar injury.

The Seahawks acquired Adams from the Jets in July in a highly successful trade that made it to Seattle’s first round selection in each of the next two drafts. Adams said on Friday he didn’t want to make Sunday’s match for himself, but it would be “sweet” to break the NFL DB sack record against his former team.

At the start of Sunday’s game, Adams missed a possible interception when he broke into a Darnold throw, but the ball bounced off his chest. It would have been Adams ’first capture of the season and was only the third of his career.