See the meteor that caused a big boom in downtown New York, elsewhere

Experts believe the boom heard in central New York this afternoon was caused by a large daytime meteor reported by some in western New York.

Bekka Gunner’s video of the Untamed Adventure Dog dog sled captured the Erie County meteor with a camera.

– I hope I got it! one person can be heard to say.

They must have understood. (You can see the meteor at about the 34-second signal.)

“Holy #% + @ $ & !!! I have the chills. Talk about cosmic energy. What are the chances of seeing this, let alone video! ”Gunner wrote on Facebook.


This short video captured him from the CN Tower in Toronto.


The center of New York

The boom reported in Onondaga County and beyond was probably a noise caused by a meteor. Loud, far-reaching booms occur when meteors swirl through the atmosphere.

Residents from Clinton to Camillus in Oneida County called 911 on Wednesday afternoon to report an explosion. Several police agencies and fire departments have investigated the cause of the recovery.

The first report was made at 12:12 in Onondaga County

The heron shook the windows and woke the pets from their nap.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, many home workers peeked in front of their homes and looked at what might have caused the noise and ringing.

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