Senate candidate John Fetterman reviews gun events targeting the black jogger

In 2018, Mr. Miyares was charged with a number of crimes for a separate crime, including robbery robbery, terrorist threats and reckless threats, according to a publicly available court record. Paers is currently in Somerset County State Prison and could not comment.

Mr. Fetterman’s run-in with Mr. Miyares appeared briefly in 2016 during Mr. Fetterman’s previous Senate bid, when he ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic pre-election. He then told Philly Voice that the chase and detention of the runner had nothing to do with the race.

“The running mother could have been anything I knew, thanks to what the jogger wore,” she said.

In a statement released with the video, Mr. Fetterman said the jogger incident had been spread by political opponents since 2015, “and has never disappeared anywhere because the people here know I did the right thing for my community.”

Most recently, a Republican who unsuccessfully ran for the West Pennsylvania House headquarters last year, Sean Parnell, tweeted about the July 2020 incident. Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s eldest son, retweeted Mr. Parnell.

“I’m not just going to sit here while a bunch of Republicans who have never been given a damn race for racial justice are starting these bad faith attacks for the safety of their closed gates,” Mr Fetterman said in a statement. “They’ve never found stray bullets in their homes, or the bullets were so close to them that they could feel the air moving. When I ran for mayor, I committed myself to doing my best against gun violence – and that’s exactly what I did. “

He noted that in 2013, voters were elected in Braddock, which is 80 percent black.

That year, Mr. Fetterman won 75 percent of the 247 votes cast in the Democratic pre-election and ran in the general election without opposition.

Susan Beachy and Sheelagh McNeil contributed to the research.