Senator David Perdue insisted he had no input at all on stock purchases. New evidence shows that he did.

Earlier this year, Senator David Perdue (R-GA) personally instructed his wealth adviser to sell a million-dollar stock in a financial company before his share price cratered, The New York Times reported on Wednesday – this finding, despite Perdue’s repeated insistence, flies that it has no contribution to its significant investment portfolio.

The history of Georgian Republican trade has been scrutinized after reporting on stock purchases and sales in companies likely to be affected by the epidemic. The most controversial of these sales after the closed-door Senate briefings on the spread of the coronavirus in January.

Throughout all of this, Perdue’s office has stated that the senator has no influence at all on his investment portfolio because an independent financial adviser carries out stock activities without his consent. In response to The Daily Beast’s report on separate stock trading, a Perdue spokesman, for example, said he “does not manage his transactions, they are handled by external financial advisors without prior consent or approval… Not many lies from liberal press or democratic political groups change that fact. “

In March, when asked about Fox News’s trading in COVID prospectuses, Perdue said, “Like many members of the Senate, I have an outside professional who manages my personal finances. I don’t take part in everyday life.

His office went further, telling the press that his financial advisers would make every call and that “external, independent financial advisors remain the only individuals who carry out transactions”.