Seth Meyers brutally mocks Sidney Powell, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s “too crazy” lawyer

After undertaking Rudy Giuliani’s literal collapse last week, Seth Meyers stepped in on Monday to “be the craziest addition” to President Donald Trump’s legal team: Sidney Powell. “And if you thought Rudy was dissected, this lady is crazier than a grain mascot” – Late in the evening the presenter joked.

Before getting into the latest spotlight, Powell was perhaps best known for being “too crazy even for Lou Dobbs” in Fox News, who once tried to do a fact-check on a wild interview against his wild allegations about allegedly sick immigrants.

Meyers continued to dismantle Powell’s strange conspiracy theories that somehow link late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to the Republican governor of Georgia. “And he wonders that he kept refusing to give evidence of this huge plan when he pushed it,” he said. “Even the friendly Fox News presenters, who basically longed to agree with him, as long as he can provide a piece of evidence.”