Seth Meyers Hammers Newsmax presenter Greg Kelly over Trump’s rejection of lost reality

“For a crowd that constantly claims that your feelings don’t matter, they think Donald Trump’s feelings matter a lot,” Seth Meyers said on Wednesday from his so-called “fuck your feelings” MAGA head group who spent every day in the 2020s. since the election, he has denied the reality that Joe Biden has won.

The emerging leader of the crowd stands out to Newsmax presenter Greg Kelly, who still won’t call Bident “elected president,” even if everyone from Fox News stars to Mitch McConnell has finally let go.

“The deceived Trump dead ends don’t give up,” Meyers said. “Not because they really think there is a way to stay in power, but because they fully invest in the belief that their opponents are illegal and that the votes cast for Democrats are fraudulent.”

He highlighted the moment when Kelly told viewers, “There are people right now who call Joe Biden President-elect,” before adding, “I personally feel like I’m wrong.”