Seth Meyers makes fun of Donald Trump after being screwed from his Mar-a-Lago neighbors

Seth Meyers brutally mocked Donald Trump and called him the first “nomadic ex-president” after the president was stolen by his Florida neighbors, who do not want him to move permanently to Mar-a-Lago after his defeat.

“Trump’s Florida neighbors have made a small request to the public, ‘please don’t move here,'” Meyers said. Late at night with Seth Meyers.

Trump’s Florida neighbors take the opportunity that the former president plans to permanently move to the resort of Mar-a-Lago when he leaves the White House. He asked me to go somewhere else this week.

They claim to have signed his legal right to live there permanently when he formed a club from his private home.

“It’s just amazing. New Yorkers don’t want it in New York, and neighbors don’t want it at Mar-a-Lago,” Meyers said. “It ‘s like such an ironic punishment against a racist The Twilight Zone. – There’s a hacienda in Mexico City. Nooooooo. “

“He will be our first nomadic ex-president,” he added.

The Washington Post reported this week that in a letter to the City of Palm Beach and the U.S. Secret Service, a neighbors ’attorney said the city should notify Trump that it could not use the private club as its full-time home.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump first lady
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will speak to the press in front of the big ballroom when they arrive for the New Year’s Eve celebration on December 31, 2019 in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.
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Reginald Stambaugh, a West Palm Beach attorney, wrote to Palm Beach officials on Tuesday.

“It is the job of the city council to correct these flaws and restore neighborhood safety by maintaining the usage agreement,” Stambaugh wrote in the letter.

“In order to avoid an embarrassing situation for everyone and to give the President time to do the rest of his life in the area, we hope he will work with his team to remind them of the parameters of the usage contract. Palm Beach has many nice properties for sale and certainly you will find one that meets your needs. “the letter continues.

Meyers, continuing his roast, said that this slap from the neighbors would lead to Trump living in the woods and holding rallies for the animals.

“Remember how everyone mocked Hillary Clinton for walking once in the woods after losing her? Trump has to live in the woods,” he said.

Supporters of President Donald Trump are waving “Trump 2020 Keep American Great” and American flags as a flotilla of sailors passes along coastal waterways near Mar-a-Lago, Palm-mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, President on the occasion of the 75th birthday of 14 June 2020
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“Years later, a group of hikers will find him punched in a long cave and hold rallies for a bunch of T-shirts.”

Meyers then imitated that Trump had given a meeting to forest creatures. “We love ferrets, don’t we, humans, natural allies. But skunks, how do we feel about skunks? Not beautiful. Not beautiful, skunks.”

A Trump Organization spokesman told CNN: “There is no document or agreement that would ban President Trump from using Mar-A-Lago as his residence.”