“Several” died after the car drove into the pedestrian street in the German city of Trier

MUNICH “A man was arrested after a car drove into a pedestrian area in the German city of Trier on Tuesday,” police said, killing “several” people.

“The arrested person is 51 years old, from the district of Trier-Saarburg.” Trier police tweetedadding that the vehicle was “fixed” without providing further details of the incident.

Police initially said they killed two people and then updated the number of dead to “more” without giving exact numbers.

They also said “several” were injured.

“There are more dead and injured in downtown Trier. A driver is being captured. More information is coming. Caring for the injured is an absolute priority!” Trier police tweeted.

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“There are a lot of traumatized people who have seen what happened,” Trier Mayor Wolfram Leibe told the press near the scene. Leibe said he did not know the motive for the case.

Police in Trier also did not say what they thought motivated the incident or believed it was an accident.

They said “there is no indication of a continuing threat” and urged locals to avoid the area while the ambulance service is on site and not share videos and pictures on social media.

Malu Dreyer, Minister for the Rhineland-Palatinate, President of the German Social Democratic Party, expressed his condolences and said that he was heading for Trier. statement on Twitter.

“I am shocked and deeply shaken by the action in my hometown,” Dreyer said.

“My condolences are to the relatives of the dead. I wish all the injured to recover quickly and quickly.”

Officials also said there would be another press conference around 19:00 local time (ET at 13:00).

“What has happened in Trier is staggering. Our thoughts are with the relatives of the victims, with the many injured and with everyone who is currently caring for the victims.” Steffen Seibert, said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokeswoman on Twitter.

The city of about 110,000 inhabitants is located in the far western part of Germany, close to the Luxembourg border.

According to the city’s official website, it is the oldest city in Germany and is known for its Roman gate “Porta Nigra”. Karl Marx is also the birthplace of the famous philosopher.

Like the rest of Germany, Trier faces coronavir restrictions, including closed restaurants, theaters and cinemas, although parts of the city center, including shops, are also open before Christmas.

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