SF City Attorney Extends Lawsuit Against Schools on Breach of State Constitution

A San Francisco city attorney on Tuesday extended the lawsuit against the school district, adding allegations that school officials violated the state constitution and equal opportunities laws by not providing personal education despite their ability to do so.

City attorney Dennis Herrera added the new bills to an ongoing lawsuit against the San Francisco Unified School District, which previously claimed that school officials had not drawn up a separate plan to reopen it as required by state law.

Herrera said he is now seeking a court order requiring the district to “stop depriving San Francisco school children of their constitutional rights and offer as much personal education as possible as required by law.”

Herrera also argues that the district discriminates against students from low-income families in violation of the state’s equal protection clause.

District officials said they had no opportunity to respond to the new allegations, which were filed at the San Francisco Supreme Court just Tuesday morning.