Sister who lost her husband and mother to Covid-19: “I couldn’t save either”

– Are you ready for peace? he recalled asking him on 23 November.

– He said, – Uh-huh. And I said, “Okay. Mom is fine. He returned to the house. He will stay with me. Because I knew he would continue to fight if I told him my mother was already dead. So they started giving him morphine and Ativan. I turned around and rubbed his back. I said I love you. ‘ He said, “I love you.” And I said, “You’re leaving now, okay? You can finally be at peace.”

Dennis took his last breath in 30 minutes, Jennings told CNN Kate Bolduan on Tuesday. His mother, Linda, who also suffered from Covid-19 infection, died barely three days earlier.

“It’s just so raw,” Jennings said in an interview, trying to keep calm while his son, Brayden, put his hand on his shoulder.

“Sometimes I regret my husband, and then I realize my mother is gone. And I regret my mother. I just think … oh, I’m going to tell Dennis, but then Dennis is gone. So the two people who would have been so supportive … you know, they both left. “

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Because of the sense of loss, he and his two sons feel drowned, he said.

“As we go down, we try to push the other back to breathe,” he said. – It didn’t have to be this way … Our family didn’t have to be gutted.

His son, Attorney Brayden, complained that he could not be there to support his mother when he was also infected.

“It’s like we’re broken, but we’re still breaking,” he said. “And by the time I got that positive result, it had taken away his support system. They were both in the hospital and I couldn’t come to hug my mother because I couldn’t get sick.”

Jennings and his son remembered Dennis as strong and “full of life.” Before he fell ill, his father beat his son on a push-up.

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But months after warning her husband of the deadly virus, Jennings was now watching her lie on her stomach in a hospital bed. Moments after his death, he bathed and cut his hair.

“And then I left,” he said. “Nothing else. I couldn’t save any of them. If people don’t wear a mask, they don’t want to wear a mask … This was brought into our home. My mother never left the house. Her husband was so careful. Stop selfishness. Stop it selfishness. That’s all. “

In March, at the start of the first wave of the pandemic, Jennings talked to her husband about how much worse things would be.

“” Look at me. This will be bad. It’s going to be so bad, “he told her.

“I said, ‘One of us can die, and you need to hear that, and I need you to wear your mask, and I need you to disinfect it by hand.’ And so he did … Mom stayed home for eight and a half months. So there are people who do everything well and we couldn’t hug my mother and we didn’t go anywhere … And we still lost them. No matter how strong you are. People are like – Oh, man, Dennis is so strong. Will succeed. No matter what happens. The virus is constantly winning. “