Monday , May 27 2019
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Snowplow Hits Buried Car and then a bigger surprise


The South Lake Tahoe snowplow driver in California may have saved her life by accidentally catching the buried car. When he heard the collision, the snowplow operator called him a police officer and helped the authorities to exploit the car so he could pull it. They only saw someone seeing a window through the window and discovering someone was inside Reno Gazette Journal. A 48-year-old woman was injured and said she had no more than five hours in the car.

"With so much snow on top of the car … if the snowstorm hadn't hit the back, we could have many other conversations," says a city spokesman who speculates that he could have been before his day when he found it. – He would have stifled him. The police believe that the woman is homeless, and maybe lives in a car parked illegally on KOLO TV. He had no phone to ask for help when the car was buried. (Elsewhere, a trapped driver in Buffalo thought he was a goner and wrote a letter to his children.)

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