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Something seriously wrong with the Virginia Democrats

THEI thought Virginia was the first lady to be smart. Shows what I know.

On February 21, Pam Northam led groups of students who served in the Governor's mansion in the State Senate. When they reached the house next to the Executive Mansion, Northam pulled the raw tobacco and cotton patterns on the sides, including three African-American people, and reported that they realized what image they wanted to take as a slave to the crop.

"Woman. Northam… asked these three pages (the only African-American page in the program) if they could imagine what she would have to wear on a cotton cloth all day," said Virginia's Equity and Community Engagement of Leah Dozier Walker. Democrat and African-American, he said in a note dated 25 February to the state lawmakers and governor's office.

He added, "I can't understand why the first lady chose the African-American pages for this, or – why would she ask such an insensitive question.

Walker's daughter, who attended the tour, claims that the black pages were highlighted. However, the governor's office and the parent of at least one other student deny this, according to the Washington Post. They say that Northam usually turned to the group, adding that the samples were handed over to everyone who took them.

"The governor and Mrs. Northam asked the people of the Commonwealth to forgive them for their racial insensitive past actions," writes Walker. "But last week, the actions of Mrs. Northam did not believe that this governor's office took the damage and injuries that African Americans caused in Virginia seriously, or that they deserve our forgiveness."

The governor's office emphasizes that Northam did not issue black students during the tour. He also says that tobacco and cotton samples were just the difficulties that slaves had suffered.

"I'm sorry I interfered with someone," he said in a statement to the Washington Post.

Good, even better, if you get Virginia's first lady in doubt. This was a terrible misunderstanding. Perhaps wrongly or in eye contact, or in any of the things the injured parties misinterpreted.

But, God! Any other thought with the Virginia Democrats would think the governor's wife would insist on Ps and Q.

The Democratic Government of the idiot's husband, Ralph Northam, is still standing in front of his nail in an office after a 35-year-old photo book on February 1, dressed in a black and white or Ku Klux Klan regalia party. He apologized for the photo, then refused to be, then held a press conference where he discovered that in 1984 he drew a black surface to look at Michael Jackson. Northam almost showed the journalists that he was still doing the "moonshine", but his wife advised. The governor's colleagues have since understood the idea of ​​giving him reading, including Alex Haley's "Roots" and an essay written by Ta-Nehisi Coates in the Atlantic to better understand the black experience. I'm not doing anything about that.

Then there was the Democratic Army Justin Fairfax, who faces two (two!) Allegations of sexual assault. Do not forget Mark Herring's lawyer, a democrat who has revealed this month that he was black in his youth.

The sad thing is that all three men have a good chance of surviving their scandals because their Democratic counterparts don't need to be particularly hard to see them from the office. The only thing that can put an end to their office is to throw in the state's democratic party with constant, incredible, bad news, things like Pam Northam, which, according to the news, give cotton to African-American students.

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