Sony prohibits PS5 owners from using the PS Plus Collection

PS Plus Collection PS5 PlayStation 5 1

If you have a PlayStation 5 and are active PlayStation Plus subscription, you can trigger and play 20 or so excellent PlayStation 4 games a PS Plus Collection. It’s a great sweetener for the next generation of early adopters, and you can really choose all the games on all the consoles in the company once you’ve redeemed them.

Of course, this triggered a light bulb for some hard-working gamers who sold access to the PS5 so that other accounts could trigger the games and then enjoy them on their own PS4. In Malaysia, one next-generation console owner charged about $ 8 to add all games to the customer’s account library.

Some early adopters have already amassed more than 50 customers, and the Japanese giant sniffed out what happened and banned them. For the seller, this is a permanent ban, while those who gained access to PS Plus Collection games were also given a two-month ban. We assume this is not a huge surprise; this will undoubtedly take advantage of the system.