Southeast Michigan to be lightly hit by a blizzard with rain and snow

Nisa Khan

| Detroit Free Press

If you haven’t dug out your winter coats yet, maybe Monday is the day this needs to be done.

Southeast Michigan is slightly affected by the blizzard, which falls mostly in the eastern parts of the country, according to a spokesman for the Detroit and Pontiac National Meteorological Services. While there will be snow in the Detroit subway, the NWS doesn’t call it a winter storm for Michigan.

Several reports, including AccuWeather, project the Southeast Michigan region on nearly a foot of snow.

A low-pressure system is developing near Texas and swinging northeast late Sunday night. The NWS says the snow is hitting eastern states such as Pennsylvania and New York, but it is “seeing” Southeast Michigan Monday morning and Tuesday morning.

The Detroit subway is likely to start with rain or a rain-snow mix Monday morning. It then cools down with some snow in the late afternoon.

The NWS predicts this could be a “protracted event” as the snow could last until Tuesday. While it was too early to measure the total value of snowfall, a storm can take about 2 to 4 inches of time in a day.

The NWS said it would continue to monitor the situation to see if road conditions advice should be issued.

The Detroit subway will be 39 ° F on Monday morning and 33 or 34 ° F on Monday evening. In one night, the temperature cools significantly for the top 20s, when it will rain rather than rain.

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After passing the system, the middle and possibly the end of the week will be dry. It is possible that another system is passing through, but it may rain because the snow is too hot.

Nisa Khan is a data and Freep Now intern at the Detroit Free Press. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @mnisakhan.

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