Spirits: Minnesota squirrel eats after eating fermented pears Minnesota

The Minnesota squirrel had an early and especially festive start to the festivities by apparently filming a fermented and alcoholic pear drunk.

The intoxicated squirrel swayed on camera was caught by Katy Morlok, of Inver Grove Heights in Minnesota, who exposed an old pear in her garden to local wildlife in the garden. He saw one of the squirrels — whom he called Lil Red — catch the pear and pick it up on a tree.

An hour later, Lil Red seemed to be back worse due to wear, uncertain on her feet, but desperately waiting for another round.

“Somehow it occurred to me, ‘Oh, no, these pears were so old, I bet they fermented,'” Morlok told Fox 9 Local Station.

But the imaginative squirrel seemed to enjoy the pear so much that Morlok made even more. A video shows a glass-eyed squirrel sitting next to a pear, swaying backwards and almost tilting before clinging to the edge of the fruit bowl.

Morlok said he was worried about the squirrel, but Lil Red was fine the next day.

“He’s back for his little hangover breakfast in the morning and he’s been fine ever since,” he said.

Reports that they are drunk animals while consuming overripe fruit are, in fact, a relatively common phenomenon. These include African elephants, moose in Sweden and monkeys in St Kitts.