Stabbing, arrests and violence put an end to Trump’s latest protest

Violence erupted after thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election in Washington.

Eight people were injured, including four stabbed in clashes between Trump supporters and demonstrators on Saturday night, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department said. Newsweek.

Police called him to block 500 of Nyugati 11th Street around 9 p.m., around 9 p.m., after the protest involving the protesters was announced.

“All the victims were consciously and breathing taken to a nearby hospital to treat non-life-threatening injuries,” a police spokesman said.

Respondents arrested 29-year-old Phillip Johnson (northwest of Washington DC) for attacking a dangerous weapon, police said.

An assault police officer is on guard as protesters gather near Black Lives Matter Plaza during a protest on December 12 in Washington DC
Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

Police said there was no major violence or crime by late Saturday afternoon.

But tensions in downtown Washington erupted after sunset as hundreds of members of the far-right Proud Boys, known for inciting violence, confronted protesters, including antifafa and local black activists, the Associated Press reported. Several lines of police, some of whom were dressed in assault gear, worked to tear up enemy groups near the Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Videos posted on social media showed the Proud Boys battling opponents on Saturday. One clip showed the man lying on the ground trying to defend himself while several people described in a tweet that the Proud Boys were attacking him.

Police said 33 people were arrested for riot-related incidents between Saturday afternoon and early Sunday, including several for assaulting police.

A mass of mostly unmasked Trump supporters reportedly turned to the nation’s capital for several Saturday’s “Stop the Steal” demonstrations before the Electoral College met to formally elect Joe Biden as the nation’s next president on Monday.

Trump has so far refused to let the competition in and insisted on baseless allegations of voter fraud, which have been rejected by courts across the country, including the Supreme Court.

He posted a surprise on Twitter about Saturday’s rallies, which his supporters have been advertising for weeks. “Wow! Thousands of people formed in Washington (Stop) for the theft. They didn’t know about it, but I’m going to meet them!” Trump wrote on Saturday morning.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was among the speakers in addressing the pro-Trump crowd, telling them he was confident Trump would remain president.

“I’ll tell you again – because I was asked – on a scale of one to ten, who will be the next president of the United States, and I’m saying Donald Trump. Ten. Ten.” – He told. his first public speech since the president was pardoned after he was convicted of lying to the FBI during the Russian investigation.

According to the AP, Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser to Trump, also called on the attendees of the meeting not to give up.

Images and videos posted on social media show that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also attended Saturday’s “Million MAGA March” event, which the AP said attracted fewer people than the first, which was held on November 14th.

Saturday’s event reportedly attracted several members of the Proud Boys, whom the president notoriously said he would “stand back and stand by” when asked to condemn white supremacist groups during the first presidential debate in September.

The Capital Police Headquarters was contacted for further comments.