Stacey Abrams rejects the denial of consent and Trump’s comparison

Stacey Abrams, a former candidate for the Georgian government, has denied the Georgian secretary of state’s accusations, compared to his refusal to agree to the government after his 2018 defeat. Brian KempBrian KempGeorgia’s Political Revolution: Who Will Lead America’s New Black Capital? Flynn made the first public remarks since Trump pardoned DC meetings (R) President TrumpDonald Trump: A man was shot in Washington State during a violent election protest. Trump-pro protesters, counter-protesters, and police clashed in DC after election protests on election day. COVID-19 infections spread rapidly, while officials continued to distribute the vaccines.refuses the same.

In an interview with CNN’s “The State of the Union,” Abrams responded to Brad Raffensperger’s (R) work, The Wall Street Journal, in which Trump refused to allow the president-elect. Joe BidenJoe BidenPro-Trump protesters, counter-protesters and police clash in DC on election day, according to Castro, “there is still work to be done” on Biden’s cabinet diversity. According to Robert Zoellick, human rights and European relations play a key role in Biden’s foreign policy MORE straight from the “Stacey Abrams playbook”.

Raffensperger said on the show that Abrams “refused to agree, announced that he would launch significant lawsuits against Georgia’s electoral system and began collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from donors who were convinced the election had been stolen from him” after his defeat. Kempnek.

Abrams dismissed the claim on CNN, noting that hundreds of thousands of voters had been cleared from the state electoral roll before his contest went to the polls.

“First and foremost, he never listened to what I said,” Abrams said of Raffensperger’s argument. “I said the election was stolen from Georgian voters because under the former Foreign Minister, Brian Kemp, millions of voters … 1.4 million voters were removed from the list, thousands of voters were denied the right to vote. [voter registration processes]. “

Abrams passed on all comparisons between himself and the president, who he said worked to exclude voters from hearing their voices. His own efforts, he claims, focused on Georgia’s voter registration efforts and countered Republican efforts to clean up the voter register.

“There’s absolutely nothing commensurate between what I did and Donald Trump’s attempt,” Abrams said. “My mission has been very clear since I was 17. And that will extend access to voting rights to those who are eligible to vote in our country, and especially in Georgia. What Donald Trump argues is that he just wants to count the votes he likes. He wants to limit access to suffrage and who should be heard in our country. I am not pushing for that at all. “

Raffensperger’s comments come as Trump has continued to make legitimate efforts in recent days to overthrow the presidential election results after the Supreme Court ruled out two decisions by Trump-party lawyers in the two states that are destroying those states ’results.

The General Services Administration (GSA) authorized Biden’s transition team weeks ago to obtain federal funding, but the president’s White House team has so far refused to acknowledge their boss’s defeat or begin a full acceleration of Biden’s team.

Abrams is thanks to Georgia’s extensive voter registration efforts, which for the first time since 1992 supported the state in a presidential race.