Stelter: Fox destroys its credibility when Hunter leads Biden with news

“We watched every hour [of Fox News] on Thursday and Friday, “CNN media chief correspondent Brian Stelter said on” Reliable Sources “on Sunday. More than 50% of those hours began with Fox anchors talking about Hunter Biden’s story.
Federal authorities are actively investigating Hunter Biden’s business, a person familiar with the probe told CNN. His father, President-elect Joe Biden, was not affected.
CNN is dealing with the federal investigation, citing statements from both Hunter Biden and the Biden government.

“The investigation is important. We chased it,” Stelter said. But he added that proportionality – or what journalists call “old-fashioned news” – is also important.

“These metrics ruin their credibility when they drive for days with Hunter Biden,” Stelter said. “Yes, it’s an important story, but so is the pandemic. So is the vaccination. So is Trump’s denial.”

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s business affairs first gained momentum in October when the New York Post published a story about Hunter Biden’s relationship with a top executive at a Ukrainian energy company.

But this story was pushed by Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser and Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, so many news outlets dealt with it with skepticism and discrimination.

“We’re not talking about completely reliable sources here,” Stelter remarked in October on “Reliable Sources,” referring to the story of the New York Post.