Storm-induced snowfall in the northeastern United States, which could become a “bomb cyclone” American weather

The northeastern U.S. was caused by a severe storm on Saturday, which is predicted to bring 18 or more heavy and wet snow to parts of the region.

The strong and blowing snow expected in the afternoon could result in near-blizzard conditions in New England that will make travel more difficult, forecasters said. Power outages were possible. It was also possible that the nor’easter could throw up a foot of snow on the outskirts of Boston.

Gale warnings were in place off the coast of the United States north of Carolina. CNN reported that the storm could intensify fast enough to turn into a dramatic “bomb cyclone”. This phenomenon is characterized by rapid pressure drop, increased precipitation and wind.

According to National Meteorological Service meteorologist Michael Clair, Gray, Maine, the storm has started to rain and is expected to snow on Saturday afternoon. In some areas, snowfall of up to 3 inches per month was possible.

“This is the first big one,” Clair said of the start of the winter season. “There was some snow in the mountains, but this is the first where most people live.”

While localized aggregation of more than 18 was possible in the higher terrain, Clair said the region is generally expected to hit hardest on land, where forecasts have called for about a foot of snow.

Areas south of New England, including New York, are expected to receive heavy rain and strong winds. In Canada, the storm is expected to affect southern Quebec and New Brunswick.