Strange Utah monolith taken by a group who said “Don’t leave a mark”

New details have emerged, suggesting that the strange steel monolith disappeared shortly after its passenger discovery was taken over by a self-appointed environmental group.

Colorado photographer Ross Bernards said the 12-foot-tall object, which appeared near Salt Lake City, was demolished and removed by four men on Friday.


The 34-year-old, who posted photos and details on Facebook, recalled that the group had trapped the remains of the monolith in a wheelbarrow and said, “Don’t leave a trace,” and “That’s why you won’t leave trash in the desert.”

The monolith was reportedly released into public land in the Red Rock country without a permit, although the San Juan County sheriff’s office told the Associated Press on Wednesday that it had no plans to investigate.

However, its disappearance is another matter. “Theft – we’re investigating this,” San Juan County Sheriff Jason Torgerson explained in an interview with on Tuesday. “But no one has yet come forward to claim that he is missing a monolith.”

On Tuesday, YouTuber and slackliner Sylvan Christensen, as well as BASE jumper Andy Lewis, took credit for removing the monolith and posted a short video clip of men taking some of it with them.

Christensen said in a statement that he was motivated to take on the monolith because of the “damage caused by the sensational impact of the internet”.

“We have removed the Utah monolith because there are clear precedents for how we divide and unify our public spaces, natural wildlife, native plants, freshwater resources, and the human impacts on them,” he said. “The mystery was the passion, and we want to use that time to unite the people behind the real problems – we’re losing our public space – things like that don’t help.”

The Bureau of Agriculture has reported cars parked on the vegetation and an increase in litter since the monolith was found on November 18th.

The agency conducted aerial surveillance of the big-horned sheep when the object was found. Officials have since found that the structure was placed on the ground sometime between August 2015 and October 2016.

Believe it or not Ripley! He is offering a $ 10,000 reward for information related to the Utah monolith.


Utah is not the only place he showed up. A similar structure found in northern Romania last week and a phallic statue from Germany have all recently disappeared without explanation.