Supreme Court rejects Conservative group lawsuit that seeks to prevent election results from being verified

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MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected a Conservative group trial aimed at verifying state election results.

The Wisconsin Voters Alliance filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Electoral Commission last week before Governor Tony Evers and WEC President confirmed the results.

The lawsuit claimed that more than 96,000 of the votes counted in the Nov. 3 election were illegal, and that absentee voters evade the Wisconsin Voter Personnel Laws and justify a “closed indefinitely” list for voting. The group also claimed that Facebook helped illegally registered people vote through the social media platform.

The court found in a 4-3 vote vote that the petition raises “time-dependent issues of national importance” while also “raises material facts”.

Judge Brian Hagedorn said the lawsuit tried to “invalidate the entire Wisconsin presidential election by annulling it – yes, the whole thing.

– And there are others. We should say that we call on the Wisconsin Electoral Commission to verify the election so that the Wisconsin presidential voters can be elected by the legislature instead, and then oblige the Governor to verify those voters. At least no one can accuse the petitioners of being shy. “

As there is no evidence of voter fraud in the state, the Conservative judge said the petitioners were “nowhere near” in substantiating their allegation with substantive facts.

“This petition falls far short of the coercive evidence and legal support that we would undoubtedly need to investigate the court-ordered disenfranchisement of Wisconsin voters,” Hagedorn said.

One dissenting opinion came from the judicial patience of Rogerensack, who said “it is critical that voting in the Wisconsin election is not only fair, but also that the public feels that the vote was fair. A third time, the Wisconsin Supreme Court should not deviate from its constitutional obligation to the people of Wisconsin. “

President-elect Joe Biden won more than 20,000 votes in Wisconsin.