Suspect of two-state Thanksgiving rampage killing 1 dead, 5 injured

A suspect in a Nevada court rally on Tuesday charges a murder and other crimes on charges of raging a two-state Thanksgiving, killing one and injuring five.

The suspect, 28-year-old Christopher McDonnell, is one of three people who say Nevada police allegedly “accidentally shot citizens without obvious motives” in Henderson, south of Las Vegas, early in the morning of Thanksgiving.

Another suspect, 25-year-old Kayleigh Lewis, is being held roughly 160 miles in La Paz County Prison in Arizona. According to a court record in the city of Parker, charges against him on Tuesday include two first-degree assassination attempts, a serious assault and a threat.

The third suspect to be detained in Arizona, 30-year-old Shawn McDonnell, is charged with the same charges as Lewis, according to records.

Nevada Clark County Attorney Michael Schwartzer said Tuesday that the McDonnells are brothers, and the older brother allegedly referred to an “impending war” and told the brother to “shoot the black guy,” the Las Vegas Review magazine writes.

Kayleigh is the wife of Lewis Shawn McDonnell, the newspaper reported.

“It’s just a terrible case for me,” Schwartzer told the newspaper. – Thanksgiving. … The victims did nothing wrong in this case and only lived their lives.

The newspaper, citing Schwartzer, who did not respond immediately to Wednesday’s request for comments, reported that prosecutors were dealing with hate crime incitement and terrorism charges.

Henderson police said dispatchers called people several times, saying they were shot around 1 p.m. at Thanksgiving. When they arrived at the shooting site north of Henderson’s center, they found a 22-year-old man who had died from a gunshot.

One woman and three men were also shot, police said.

Nearly eight hours later, Arizona authorities have repeatedly received reports of people sitting in a car on State Road 95 near Parker being shot in other vehicles.

When soldiers at the Arizona Department of Public Safety noticed the car, the driver allegedly took care of the road and the car rolled off, the ministry said in a statement. Shawn McDonnell then allegedly got out of the car and pointed a gun at the officers who fired at him.

Shawn McDonnell was transported to the local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. It was not clear whether he was released. A La Paz County Sheriff’s official did not respond immediately to the request for an opinion.

Christopher McDonnell and Kayleigh Lewis were also taken to hospital for their injuries sustained during the rollover. Both were later released.

Referring to an arrest report, the Review-Journal reported that authorities found three handguns, a baseball bat and two machete-like knives in their car.

The state defender appointed to represent Lewis did not respond immediately to the request for comments on Wednesday. According to the Clark County State Defense Office in Nevada, it is unclear whether a lawyer has been appointed to represent Christopher McDonnell.

In addition to the murder, Christopher McDonnell’s multiple charges of attempted murder, elemental and gunfire in a building or vehicle, according to court records. He did not appear during his court hearing on Tuesday.

According to the Review-Journal, a bail hearing is scheduled for Dec. 15.