Syracuse Police Issue Quote on Coronavir Virus 1: $ 1,000 Penalty for Unmasked Haircut

Syracuse, NY – Labb Beauty Bar could be fined $ 1,000 by Syracuse city police after someone complained that a worker did a haircut without a mask, city officials say.

The fine first appeared at the time of the coronavirus epidemic, when city police imposed a fine, rather than an explanation or warning, for a business for failing to comply with restrictions and practices designed to prevent the virus from spreading.

Greg Loh, the city’s political chief, said police responded to the venture at around 6:26 p.m. on Nov. 16 at 111 Pond St. on Nov. 16 at 6:26 p.m.

The business was found to have violated a New York State Health Ordinance that requires workers to wear a mask or face shield when in direct contact with customers or the public. The business received the quote today, city officials said.

Ben Walsh, the mayor of Syracuse from March to October, said city police have responded to complaints from about 800 businesses that do not comply with corona virus restrictions and practices. During this time, he said officers were working to familiarize businesses with the rules.

“Pretty much it worked very well for us,” the mayor said.

But as part of Onondaga County became yellow zone status in November due to the growing number of cases, that strategy has changed, the mayor said. Now the Syracuse police are enforcing the deal and collecting restrictions with quotes and fines if justified.

Since early November, police have responded to 17 complaints, he said. Sixteen were unfounded, he said in a monthly briefing today.

Walsh goes on to say the city will publish the names of businesses cited for the coronavirus violation every Tuesday.

Here are other announcements made by Walsh and other mayors today:

Covid-19 case in Syracuse

On September 3, the city had 50 cases of active coronavirus, Walsh said.

As of December 3, there were 668 active cases within the city – a 13-fold increase. “Rumble,” Walsh said.

An observation test for basic urban workers will begin next week

Workers in the city of Syracuse, considered essential, will begin monitoring the coronavirus next week, Walsh said. This workforce includes people from the city’s water supply, sewerage, sewerage, snow and ice removal, and public safety sectors.

Coronavirus among city police and firefighters

Police Chief Kenton Buckner said about 20 officers had had a positive result for the virus since March.

“So far, we haven’t been able to state definitively that any positive would be related to work,” he said.

“Countless people,” he said, “were quarantined after being exposed.” “We will continue to do everything we can to alleviate it,” he said.

Fire commander Michael Monds said 12 firefighters had infected the corona virus since March, including three in hospitals. These three are no longer in the hospital, he said. In all, about 100 firefighters were exposed to the virus, he said.

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