Tammy Bruce: A whole generation is tied out of real education

An entire generation will be disconnected from real education, and “unscrupulous” and “greedy” teacher unions are to blame, Fox Nation presenter Tammy Bruce said Tuesday.

He began his host monologue of “Ingraham Angle” by highlighting the ongoing struggles that accompanied distance learning. This method, according to teachers’ unions, is “being popularized to take advantage of the pandemic.”

Bruce’s remarks follow after teachers ’unions in America called for a halt to personal learning last week as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

While some state governments eased health restrictions, allowing schools to reopen the door with precautions, the success of virtual learning in the midst of the pandemic was mixed.


“Schools across our country are still closed and children are being forced to learn online – and the costs are staggering,” Bruce said.

“In Los Angeles, for example, preschool enrollment in schools has fallen sharply, to about 6,000 students. In St. Paul, St. Minn., 40 percent of high school students have a failed grade, 40 percent. An even higher percentage of children in Houston, Texas , at least two classes fail.

“In the capital of our nation, there is a 14 percentage point decrease among black students in kindergarten up to second grade who met the literacy requirements,” Bruce continued. “And just 20 miles away, in Fairfax County, Va., A new survey of school academic performance showed F-grades going up – are you ready for that? – 83% this year. For Fairfax high school students, F is up to 300%.”


The system will fail on its students, but the situation will only get worse under the Biden government, Bruce warned.

Biden has previously expressed support for allocating millions of dollars instead of “distance learning,” instead of reopening schools for personal education, as many students fear they will be forced to change laptops and embrace distance education in the long run.