Tennessee Governor: “This vaccine will not solve or cure selfishness”

While allowing vaccinations is a turning point in this pandemic, the sobering reality is that Tennesseans is getting sick, Lee said to reporters Thursday.

On Wednesday, the state reported 11,410 new cases, a new record high since the start of the pandemic.
Decisions made by people during the Thanksgiving celebration are strictly responsive to the hospital system across the state.

“Something this vaccine doesn’t solve or cure is selfishness or indifference to what happens to our neighbors around us,” he said.

Lee also added that the vaccine doesn’t cure stupid decisions about how we get together or when someone refuses to wear a mask, and that won’t cure the idea that someone else’s decision won’t affect other people’s lives.

Tennessee expects 56,550 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to arrive at their hospitals nationwide.

Earlier this week, the State Department of Health announced that it would maintain the delivery of the first 975 doses of Pfizer vaccine as an emergency reserve in the event of a hospital disruption.