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Tesla's promised $ 35,000 $ 3 model is finally here

Finally, Tesla introduces the long-awaited 35,000 version of Model 3 in the United States. The company is currently making a variety of versions of the Standard Range 3, which can travel 220 miles for a single fee. Previously, the cheapest 3rd model started with $ 42.900 after the February price cut.

The Standard Range starts from $ 35,000 with a top speed of 130 mph and ranges from 0 to 60mph in 5.6 seconds. The second version, Standard Range Plus, will be available for $ 37,000 at a distance of 240 miles at 140 mph, and ranges from 0 to 60 mph between 5 and 5 seconds. The Standard Range Plus model also features "premium internal features", according to Tesla.

The new versions of Model 3 have a glass roof that was not originally supposed to be reported when the car was announced. But they have manual, not power, seats. They also appear in black and other colors will contribute to the cost. According to CEO Elon Musk, the new 3rd models will be available in Europe and China in "three to six months".

"From the very beginning this was the goal," Musk said in a press call about the news. – Incredible car.

New versions of Model 3 can be ordered online, and in fact this is the only way people can buy Tesla cars. The company claims that it will only make all sales worldwide online, so it will no longer be able to buy a car in one of the company's stores. By relocating all sales online, Tesla says it will be able to cut the price of cars by 6 percent, eventually reaching $ 35,000.

As a result of this change, Tesla says that "it will stop many of our stores."

That means layoffs, Musk said on the call. "There is no other way to achieve the savings needed to save the car and to be financially sustainable," he said. "I wish it would be different, but unfortunately this will lead to a downward effect on the retail side." He's not around him.

Model of the new standard range 3.
Image: Tesla

Musk did not say how many employees would be dismissed or if the redundancies would be counted in the January reduction. Tesla said he would expand the service centers, which could increase the number of staff. "This year's top priority is the inconvenience of service," Musk said.

Tesla says that it now allows customers to return the car within 7 days or 1000 miles. "You can literally buy a Tesla, drive hundreds of miles on a weekend trip with your friends and return for free," the company said in a blog post. That's why the company will pay for the tests currently offered in the stores, Musk said on the call.

Model 3 always had to start from $ 35,000, which comes from the discovery of 2016, but Tesla had to focus on the higher-price versions of the car during production. The company would "die" if it sold the more affordable version too soon, in 2018, Muskus said, partly because Tesla's money is committed to getting Model 3. The higher-priced versions of Model 3, which sold for $ 70,000, had high margins that allowed Tesla to reverse its first-quarter earnings in two years.

In addition to the $ 35,000 model 3, Tesla said on Thursday that it would deliver a number of new firmware upgrades to cars that are already on the road to improve performance. After the upgrade, the "Long-range rear wheel drive model 3" max. The most expensive version, model 3, has the highest speed at 162 mph.

Tesla has put pressure on customers and investors to release $ 35,000 a year model 3, and this has only increased in recent weeks as analysts have questioned how much the car needs in the United States. One thing some analysts were concerned about was that potential customers were afraid that Tesla's cars would no longer qualify for a full $ 7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles. In January, Musk said in a call to investors that Tesla is currently not producing model 3 in the United States.

Musk announced on Thursday that long-term bookings would take priority over deliveries. “We need to look at how many bookings to buy [the new cars]," he said.

But Musk admitted that demand is a question. – I mean, I don't know what the demand is. We'll see, Musk said. He estimated that in the US, a 500,000 model could be expected for demand 3 – a figure that has recently been in trouble with the SEC.

One of the things Musk was sure was that Model 3 would never cost less than $ 35,000. Earlier, he suggested that in an August 2018 interview with YouTuber Marques Brownlee, the price could be reduced to $ 25,000.

"It's definitely hard to put this car on $ 35,000," he said on Thursday. Future models can cost less than $ 35,000, Model 3, Musk added, but they don't exist for at least two or three years.

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