Texas family prepares Covid-19 PSA for large family gatherings after 15 members became infected with the virus

It is a tradition for many families to gather during Thanksgiving and the festive period. But with the global coronavirus epidemic, these gatherings could make Thanksgiving dinner a super-scattering event.

The Aragonez family now lives as a result of a large family gathering on November 1st; 15 members of the Arlingez family in Arlington, Texas, have since tested positive for coronavirus.

Alexa Aragonez said the 12 people at the gathering all gave a positive result for Covid-19 – four lived at the house and eight visited. He said these family members infected three more people and thus grew to a total of 15.

As an employee of Arlington’s Department of Urban Communication and Legislative Affairs, Aragonez said he sees an opportunity for the outbreak of the family to be a teaching moment.

“We know we messed it up because we let our guard down,” he said of his family. – We are not unlike many families.

Aragonez said they just got comfortable and eventually paid the price.

Although he said his family had taken many precautions elsewhere, they stayed inside the big family reunion and did not wear a mask. Health officials say Covid-19 is more likely to spread indoors than outdoors, who also recommended that people wear a mask indoors if they don’t live in the household.

At first, the family was skeptical about the idea of ​​making the PSA, Aragonez said, but after some persuasion, the family understood what they could do.

“It’s in English and Spanish,” he told CNN. “We need to make sure we communicate in multiple ways, shaking the hearts of both.”

His mother, Enriqueta, was involved in PSA even when he was hospitalized with pneumonia in his lungs.

“We’re doing better,” Alexa Aragonez told CNN. “My family is recovering slowly but hopefully for sure.”

Enriqueta is not in the hospital, but she still has symptoms of Covid and, according to her daughter, is isolated from the rest of the family.