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That Facebook crisis PR company has triggered a PR crisis

Take a moment to run a big and successful company. After the over-sized success of the years, the company faces a crisis. Public opinion has become noticeable – as opposed to your company in general and specifically against you – and the leadership team is now introducing the question of what to do.

The leader of the communication is responsible for managing the public response. Over time it turns out that this is the answer, including the recruitment of a PR agency whose work involves what is called "opposition research" euphemistically and is more commonly understood than lubrication campaigns. These campaigns target critics with anti-semitic attacks and use partisan "news" sites to promote their talk in multiple mainstream businesses.

As a CEO, his responsibility is enormous. But the crisis in question is undeniably the most serious one he faced. So, what do you know about the communication plan to handle the crisis – and when do you know it?

If you are the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg or COO Sheryl Sandberg, the answer to these questions is on Wednesday. That's it New York Times said it was investigating the company's management of 2016 Russian campaign of influence, details of which continued to fall.

In the event's event, an unspecified person hired the Definers Public Affairs in the communications team to track the company's press, help product information, and perform the odd whispering campaign against the most prominent enemies. The company's report was sent to hundreds of Facebook employees last year, but when they came to Zuckerberg or Sandberg, they did not appear to have been registered.

The person who supervised the communication at that time – ultimately responsible for the leasing agencies – was Elliot Schrage, who dropped off in June in a decade. The abandonment was a rare shock to the M team on Facebook Island, whose composition remained unchanged for many years. And although Schrage officially went out, he said farewell to planning to continue his successor Nick Clegg from the next January – and then continue to develop special projects.

And she too. They say that Schrage was recently seen on campus on Tuesday. Are you working on the Definers Aging? Facebook did not respond to my comment. But at least it is possible that the defeat of the Definers story is still working on one of the things he did publicly take in the fall.

Meanwhile, reporters intervene in the function of the Definers. THE Timesexamines how he tried to prevent the congressional hearing by highlighting the list of fact sheets listing the advertiser's investigators' senators who used their own website and how much they spent on Facebook ads. CNN found the company trying to present the story of Liberal Bias at Apple. (Facebook says his job was not done in his name) The edge the (supposedly unrelated Facebook) is a negative story of the scooter company Bird.

At TechCrunchTaylor Hatmaker has found more links with the Definers on Facebook, where former Republican campaigners working together with their co-founders are now working on the communications team.

Sandberg, who remained silent for a day, issued a Facebook comment on Thursday night, which greatly reiterated those points that other people have already done. This was the most important step for me:

We are no longer working with them, but at that time they tried to show that some of the activities that seem to be bottom-up were behind us. I did not know they rented them or about the job they were doing, but they should have. I look at György Soros with great respect – and the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories against him are terrifying.

Sandberg followed CBS this morning to discuss the story. "" We have not paid anyone to make false news, "Sandberg said – and although many people more or less said that Facebook did, it's worth noting that the original Times the story does not.

Definers went around publishing his first public statement, everyone knew that leaving the consequences of their name was basically just a service of humble neighbors. The statement does not deal with its "in-house fake news store" as an ex-employee calls NBC. NTK, which shares a co-founder and a physical office with the Definers, issued a statement that it's all a big coincidence. (Farhad Manjoo van here is a nice roast.)

One of the decisive ones, Tim Miller, is much more confident about the statement that he's going through the most Times and explains his side. He pays low attention to the lubrication campaigns and he does not pay attention to NTK, but at least Facebook's critics are struggling with circulating documents related to György Soros, even if this link is legitimate.

Do we pay too much attention to a PR company? I do not think so. The audience area is a huge and largely invisible force that forms the most news, regardless of whether or not they know it. It's a shadowy conspiracy that's really true! In the United States, every working journalist has six PR members and is largely invisible. Most of the work is essentially benevolent, but overall it exerts a force, draws reporters against more entrepreneurial stories that can otherwise be covered. And when bets are higher, companies are more likely to use agencies that use dirty tricks – and the audience should know about these tricks.

In the past few days, I've spent people talking to people around Facebook about the probability that Zuckerberg and Sandberg did not know they hired the Definers. The former employees I spoke with came to unanimous agreement that they believed Zuckerberg when he said he did not. Communication, they said, is usually something they are willing to delegate. I talked to other CEOs, beyond the social empire, who told me they almost never knew which agencies are communicating with people any time. I talked to people who hired agencies who said the CEOs never asked about them.

As many observers have noted, not knowing who your agencies will give you an acceptable compromise, which can be useful even when they move away. But in the midst of a real crisis it seems that more attention needs to be paid to the details. Of course it is unlikely that Facebook's recruitment to the crisis management agency would become a crisis. But the unexpected has been terrible in every corner of Facebook for more than two years. The effort to restore the story to the conditions that are favorable to you – and the tactics you intend to do – seem to deserve the CEO's full attention.


Facebook is a major mirror in government demand requests, including secret orders

Facebook has released details of 13 security bulletins, according to reports by Zack Whittaker, the growing demand for US data from the US government.

Notifications every 2 minutes: This in-depth look that people are actually using WhatsApp presents why they are fake of fake news so hard

Laura Hazard Owen has a great summary of what I've missed because he personally did not send me an email about it. The BBC made a seven-week set on TK by mistake. Owen has incredible details of the unintended consequence that WhatsApp has just added a forwarded tag to the transmitted messages that encouraged people to question the source of the information they received:

For example, WhatsApp, under government pressure, added a "Forwarded" tag in India to make messages originally from an unknown source. But, "we have noticed that the citizens have largely ignored the label or noticed that they were misunderstood as to what it meant. In isolated cases, the respondent thought the tag would want to further promote the message!"


Facebook knew and tried to hide it

If you like Facebook conversation in audio format, The daily gave an episode of the Friday situation.

Facebook morale, which has been damaged by Share Drop, is another hit

Sarah Frier will pick up Facebook's employees for anonymous talk-trash-a-work-app Blind:

"It's quite exhausted after the cleaning, after the negligent and careless mistakes that many of us are responsible for, are so rich," said a third.

Facebook Instagram loses two senior executives after the founders

Sarah Frier talks about Instagram's two mid-profile launches:

Instagram lost two senior employees: Bangaly Kaba, head of growth, and Ameet Ranadive, who launched products for a well-being initiative aimed at combating harassment in the application.

Hackers steal Instagram Influencer accounts

Taylor Lorenz explains in detail the smart Instagram hack, where bad people try out the users with the promise of simply influencing marketing money and are deceived to sign up for a portal that allows the hacker to steal his login and account.

After the account was logged in with the Instagram username and password, Brooks took control of the account. Within a few minutes, he sent the million followers of the influx with free iPhone deals.

Brooks is targeting more YouTube, Instagram stars, and oblique pages and using stolen pages to promote fraudulent applications and fake bids. Over the past month, the unique @ Fact, 7.2 million followers, @horhorus 10.1 million, and @oopszlimes are 1.9 million. After the bills have been seized, hackers update the bio content of the account and say that "SCL Media is handled" and begins to reach brands through a direct message and tells them to negotiate with the sponsored content on SCL, and not the previous account holder.

Bitcoin Giveaway Fraud Flourishes on Twitter. Probably coming from Russia.

Jane Lytvynenko and Ryan Mac report the embarrassment of Bitcoin fraud on Twitter:

Although the platform has openly banned all cryptographic ads in March, fraudsters – who seem to be based in Russia – have become increasingly sophisticated and are trying to bribe audited accounts for large numbers of followers to prevent their fraud. In some cases, you have also purchased and run ad campaigns for the promotion.

On Tuesday, hackers were able to post tweets to targeted (1.9 million followers) and Google business applications (G more than 823,000 followers) and, with other certified accounts, use cryptocurrency donating fraud via Twitter's own ad network . BuzzFeed News can also purchase cryptocurrency Texas ads in the same language.

"No morale": advertisers respond to Facebook

The last remaining ethical compass of our nation, the advertising industry, the publicly shocking reports of the recent Facebook revelations, Sapna Maheshwari. (We'll see if any of this happens to you, you know, there are fewer ads on Facebook.)

Revelations may be "a donkey that breaks the camel's back," said Rishad Tobaccowala, Publicis Groupe, chief growth officer at one of the world's largest advertising companies. "We now know that Facebook is doing all it can to earn money. There is no morality."

The Wall Street Journal is preparing journalists to explore deep fractions

THE Magazine training staff to recognize digitally manipulated video:

We in The Wall Street Journal take this threat seriously and launch an internal deepfakes working group led by the Ethics and Standards and Research and Development Teams. This group – the WSJ Media Forensics Committee – consists of video, photo, visual, research, platform and news editors who have been trained in depth. Apart from this fundamental effort, we are organizing journalists with training seminars, developing up-to-date guides, and collaborating with scientific institutions such as Cornell Tech to identify the use of technology to overcome the problem.

Bumble is open with a right diagonal on the IPO

Finally, a public social network will become the responsible woman: Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd. I'm asking for more!


Facebook Messenger builds a "View videos together" feature

And just when the application was finally rationalized! You will soon see the movie in a group chat or something.


It's time to regulate Facebook

Nina Jankowicz, a Russian disinformation researcher, has received the latest Facebook revelations:

Although Facebook is trying to convince our sins (and sometimes with questionable methods), the company is consistently hurting the "no harm" principle. Facebook's actions show that the damage is okay – inevitable, even as long as the profits go up and the company may allow shadow grungy campaigns to neglect their mistakes.

Mark Zuckerberg's response to the Facebook story of NYT's condemnation.

Will Oremus stands a fair stand for a reason that tech companies, such as agencies,

Of course, the ability to keep away from the tactics of the opposition research company and to deny the knowledge inexorably, much of the fact that companies and campaigns are the first to hire them. Definitions of fire hazard and the exclusion of responsibility for the concept of "typical D.C. relationships", which Zuckerberg supposedly excludes.

Antitrust individuals will not save us from the "Bigness Curse"

Gene Kimmelman, chair of popularity and adviser to the FTC antitrust department; and Charlotte Slaiman, a well-known political lawyer, said the breakup of large technology companies is not the panacea that Tim Wu and others say,

While Tim recognizes that further policy solutions are needed, focusing on antitrust extends the possibility of eliminating the harm caused by highly concentrated markets. Regulatory is also required. Excessive market concentration and the company power that we see today are not only due to conservative jurisprudence and the implementation of antitrust law, but also from excessive deregulation. There is much more to do than antitrust to remedy this.

And finally …

Will Stanich ever re-open? Why did you close America's best burger site?

Here is a beautiful story about the man who sought the best hamburger in America and named it, and the accumulation of attention by social media made the deal in the early grave. This is a tantalizing and beautifully talked-about story about how the Internet can get better and worse. One at the weekend to enjoy:

Stanich explained that because these issues were in the background, it was difficult to read social media scammers on the attackers and listen to the answering messages in the restaurants where he was a fat fuck and told her his own restaurant. He did not care, he insisted. He only cared for people like the woman who came in, the resident who lives in Portland. "Beware of those who took care of me," he said. – They will not turn.

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