Patel, who owns KC Mart # 7 on the 303 Lee Vaughn Road in Simpsonville, talks about selling the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket.
The Greenville News

More than four months after buying a lottery ticket, the $ 1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot winner has gone – but remains anonymous, announced by the South Carolina Education Lottery Commission.

The committee announced minutes ago that the winner of the largest jackpot in American history chose the cash option – a one-off payment of $ 877,784,124.

According to a statement from the committee, the winner is convinced that the winning is unlikely – the winner allowed the buyer to buy a quick Pick Mega Millions ticket at KC on the day of purchase. Mart in Simpsonville.

"We are delighted that the winner is a South Carolanian and presents this remarkable prize," said Hogan Brown, Executive Director of the Committee.

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The Simpsonville store, which won the winning lottery ticket, shows signs in the window. (Photo by Donna Isbell Walker)

The Simpsonville KC Mart will receive $ 50,000 for the sale of the required prize ticket.

In South Carolina, $ 61 million in income tax is earned on the winner during the time, according to the committee.

The winner hired Jason Kurland, a lawyer at Rivkin Radler in New York, who, according to the committee, is also the legal representative of the winner.

Kurland represented several major lottery winners and won a $ 254.2 million Connecticut Powerball lottery on his company's website, including Putnam Avenue Family Trust. Rainbow Sherbert Trust, $ 336.4 million Rhode Island Powerball jackpot winner; and Ning Trust, two years ago in Delaware won a $ 121.6 million Powerball jackpot.

Kurland couldn't be noticed on Monday night.

After the South Carolina winner has been paid, a press conference will be held at S.C. lottery committee in Columbia.

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The first purchase of the ticket took place on October 23, 2018, and the winner had 180 days to advance.

He waited 132 days and made intense speculation in the social media about what the winner might be like in the last four months. Lost the ticket? Didn't the winner know he bought the winning ticket? Do you have a minor who bought it?

According to a recent report, if the winner had placed a $ 878 million flat rate on the first day on a 2 percent interest savings account, only $ 5.8 million would have been collected up to now.

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