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The average tax allowance amounts to 40,000 forints by 2019

The average refund check is $ 40 more this year than last year, according to data released by Internal Revenue Service on Thursday, February 22nd.

This is just 1.3% more for the 47.4 million Americans whose earnings were processed last week compared to the same period last year.

Treasury officials say smaller tax refunds are a good thing
The Ministry of Finance was under fire due to the early decline in refunds, although the agency noted that it actually suggested that individual payroll accounting became more accurate during the year.

"Most people see the benefits of tax cuts throughout the year, instead of tax refunds that are due to government overpayment." said the Treasury spokesman at the beginning of a month.

But many Americans unexpectedly use large tickets, such as cars, appliances, or holidays, depending on their tax refunds – the Trump government tacitly admitted, in spite of the recent partial closure of the government, despite the recent repayment of refunds, a reversal of the IRS practice.

The Treasury also noted in its latest release that, on average, weekly tax rebates had risen to 19% to $ 3,143, compared to $ 2,640 last week's average. The increase is largely due to the remaining earned income tax credits and child tax credits. The two tax credits could not be paid by law until February 15, which in the last two weeks has resulted in greater refund checks for Americans.

This year's announcement season, the first part of the 2017 tax reform, is closely monitored for unexpected effects on individuals. The Treasury has decided that the results of the tax return season may change weekly to avoid conclusions early in the season.

The number of revenue processed by the IRS so far is still somewhat lower than last year's nearly 50 million returns.

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